Makeup Artist Must-Haves: Beau Nelson

When Beau Nelson visited Byrdie HQ with a rolling trunk of his makeup must-haves, our editors looked on in silent awe. As he unzipped his case and quietly revealed lairs of exquisitely-organized product, it was clear just how much this man values the art of makeup, and the craft of creating beauty. From electric neon lip colors in shades (almost) delicious enough to eat, to pencils and palettes that just looked like they had stories to tell, his kit was a treasure trove of secretsand we couldn't wait for him to start discussing his favorite products.

As the go-to guy for Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart, Christina Hendricks, Nina Dobrev, and more, Nelson continually drops our jaws with his next-level experimentation and use of color (see: this electric blue eye shadow on Stewart). And, as you'd expect, he has a ton of cool tricks up his sleeve. Keep scrolling for the products Nelson can't live, or work, without—and his take on what makes them so great.