Beatrice Hazlehurst

Beatrice Hazlehurst

Beatrice Hazlehurst is a journalist specializing in entertainment, culture and lifestyle, and a contributing writer for Byrdie.



Beatrice Hazlehurst is a journalist and presenter specializing in entertainment, culture and lifestyle. She found her feet in the New Zealand publishing industry at Remix, Fashion Quarterly, New Zealand Herald and VICE, before moving to New York and joining the team at PAPER. She has since helmed start-up publications, and seen her work published across i-D, InStyle, New York Times, Teen Vogue, L'Officiel, Cosmopolitan, V Magazine, Coveteur, Playboy, NYLON and more. She now nomadically traverses both coasts, but more recently you can find her by the beach in Southern California.


After completing high school in New Zealand and Italy, Beatrice Hazlehurst was awarded a scholarship to Auckland's University of Technology to study Communications majoring in film.

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