Beaded Bags are the Trend That Keeps on Trending

And we aren't complaining.

Citrus print beaded bag


Who says you need a disco ball when you can have a beaded bag? It's the gift that keeps on giving. A beaded bag is a perfect conversation starter, it can hold all of your essentials, and it tells a story that a plain bag just simply can't. Why fit in when you (and your purse) were born to stand out?

According to the internet, the beaded bag became popular in the late 1800s during the Industrial Revolution. However, they've been around since way before then and can be dated back to 2,500 BC. Most women made their own bags by sewing or crocheting glass or metal beads onto mesh or using knitting techniques to put them together. By putting a lot of tiny beads together, one could make various images based on patterns or dreams they experienced. Most of the beads from these intricate early beaded bags came from Paris, and according to legend, when Americans started producing similar beads due to popularity, they rusted much faster.

Since their humble beginnings, beaded bags have been seen on the likes of every celebrity, influencer, trendsetter and everyone in between. There's no shortage of designs to create, and, even more so, there's no shortage of ways to style them. Whether you're looking to dress up an all-black outfit with a beaded bag to accompany you to the opera or you're perfecting your summer wardrobe with some vibrant texture, beaded handbags scream "fashion" in the best way.

Here are 15 of our favorite beaded bags from brands all around the world that will bring sparkle to any wardrobe.

For a little bit of stuff...

Sometimes you only need to have your phone and lipstick, so why not have a little bag that keeps both? My mom says that if you can fit a condom inside of your bag, that's really all you'll need. It's just going to get hotter and hotter outside, so when everything feels like a hassle, you can have your tiny bag and not feel like it's weighing you down.

For a lot of stuff...

If you're like me, you need a bigger bag for lots of stuff. I am always hosting, baking, and exploring rooms full of clothing in a city near you; I never know if I'm running errands or if they're running me. There is no reason to not elevate the experience of being an urban mule with a little color and sparkle.

Square and rectangular

Spring is in the air and I can't stand all my love letters getting jumbled up in my gym sack. The dimensions of your bag is everything, and I think a keen shopper would take note of the following selection of my favorite category of bag.


If you're into all things shapely, here's your chance to add a bag into that equation. These options are perfect because if you wear a simple outfit, you can dress it up completely by adding a little bag that packs a big punch. Because of its unique shape, it's the perfect accessory for dressing up or down. If you haven't already thought about how a beaded bag is the perfect way to say "I love you" to any outfit, these are another excuse to do so.


"Something, something, something about 'style' being forever," end quote. We all know that magic feeling of endowment when we cross paths with the perfect vintage item. For the sorry souls who don't, here are a few hot leads.

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