Byrdie Editors Sound Off on Their Beach-Bag Essentials

Give us a beach, some perfect weather, and a solid read, and we're good to go. Throw in a few warm-weather beauty essentials, though, and we're even better. We get that the shore is supposed to be a carefree, low-maintenance place of relaxation, but with natural extremes like skin-damaging sunlight and salty water, it's important to stay protected and, if we're being completely honest, feel confident and like the way we look, too. That's why we're sharing the products that make a trip to the beach the perfect tropical getaway sans burns, dry hair, or any other beauty blunder that'll take away from the perfect oceanside snap.

Below, take a look inside our beach bags, which we hope will inspire your next few visits before the season wraps up!

What do you stash in your beach bag? Please tell us below!