Does Showering at Night Make You More Productive?

We’ve debated the beauty pros and cons of night showering versus morning showering over and over. The effect our shower timing has on our productivity, however, has not yet been explored until now. The studies on productivity are abundant, and there’s a growing body of research that suggests certain peak hours of productivity exist. Dan Ariely, behavioral scientist and Duke professor of behavioral economics, says people are generally most productive in the first two hours after becoming fully awake.

Now we ask you: What’s the most time-consuming part of your morning routine? Showering and subsequently drying your hair? Enter hand-raising emoji here. If you shower at night, however, you avoid spending a good chunk of those peak productivity hours in the bathroom. 

The other benefit to night showering is that it's relaxing. It lowers your body temperature, prepping you for a good night's sleep. So diffuse some Lavender Essential Oil ($12), hop in the shower, drift off to dreamland, and wake up to your most productive self. 

Are you a morning or night showerer? Tell us below!