This $8 Dry Shampoo Is Officially The Best In The World—Here's Why

The number of times we've tried to recall (with little luck) what life was like before dry shampoo is borderline infinite. For one, our hair was a heck of a lot less healthy—as was (most likely) our parents' water bill. But of course, and as fellow dry shampoo addicts you'll understand this, not all formulas are created equally. Some leave our hair painfully chalky with a zombie apocalypse–esque finish, some mysteriously make our hair greasier, and some yield heady smells that latch onto strands with a stubbornness necessitating an old-fashioned shampoo anyways. In other words, with the wrong dry shampoo, the application can be a wash.

But when a dry shampoo does succeed, well, so begins a loving relationship that's pretty hard to compete with. Thus, you can imagine our intrigue when we heard there's one dry shampoo, in particular, the world is rather obsessed with. Globally, two bottles of the stuff are sold every second, and to make matters even more enticing, the dry shampoo comes in at a nifty $10 or less (depending on where you make your purchase). So… any guesses? We'll let you think before we drumroll.