Bathing Culture Just Made Their Cult-Favorite Body Wash a Perfume Oil

Naturally, it already has a waitlist.

Bathing Culture, perfume oil

Bathing Culture

The right fragrance has the power to transport you anywhere, and as we enter the cooler months, we've got our eyes on scents that will take us as close to a mini-vacay as we can get. And if you're craving a brisk hike or a road trip getaway to the West Coast, we've found the best new perfume to try this fall.

Radically sustainable bath and body brand Bathing Culture has bottled up their signature Mind and Body Wash ($30) scent into a new fragrance. The resulting perfume oil, Cathedral Grove ($54), smells like foggy valleys and California Redwoods—and, unsurprisingly, there's already a waitlist.

Bathing Culture, perfume oil
Bathing Culture Cathedral Grove Perfume Oil $54.00

Since launching in 2016, the brand, which celebrates the joy of bath time, has expanded to a number of sustainable products with scents drawn from nature. Not only are the line's organic ingredients locally and sustainably sourced, but the formulas are effective and transform any shower into a lush oasis. As a result, they've gained a top spot on countless bathroom shelves everywhere.

For more on the scent and a few other new launches from Bathing Culture, read on.

The Scent

The scent of Cathedral Grove can be described simply as earthy and woodsy—or, as the brand itself puts it, "like jumping into a cold river on a hot day." The fragrance—which you'll recognize from Bathing Culture's signature body wash—is a complex blend of natural scents that bloom and calm the mind while you cleanse. Now, the new perfume oil lets you layer on that same scent, wear it, and reapply throughout the day.

After studying under perfumer Mandy Aftel, the Bathing Culture team's approach to fragrance shifted to focus on scents that create a more intimate experience. Think of a "skin scent" you have to be up close and personal to smell.

Bathing Culture, perfume oil

Bathing Culture

Drawing its name and scent profile from the Redwood-filled national park, the Cathedral Grove Perfume Oil ($54) has top notes of coniferous needles and redwood sorrel. These two woodsy scents lend the oil a pine-like essence. At the heart of the fragrance, you'll also find rhododendron and juniper. Finally, the base notes (or dry-down notes, if you're talking about the body wash) include damp earth accord and opoponax. The final blend evokes scent memories of the crushed-leaves smell you often encounter on a refreshing hike in the woods.

Bathing Culture, hydrosol
Bathing Culture Golden Hour Hydrosol Cistus & Sage $20.00

Along with the new perfume oil, the brand has also launched two new limited edition hydrosols, formulated to cool and soothe, to join the collection. Golden Hour Hydrosol Holy Basil ($20) includes a comforting blend of herbs, which you can spritz all over for an even calm whenever you need it.

The Golden Hour Hydrosol Cistus & Sage ($20) is a warm blend of florals, including cistus, rose, and sage. You can use these hydrosols as a natural toner or an aromatherapy experience to stimulate reflection. Whether you need some morning meditation or just a grounding moment to yourself, all these forest scents will make you feel more than ready for fall.

You can shop the perfume oil and hydrosols now at

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