It's Official: You Can Torch Calories by Being Gloriously Lazy


Nasty Gal

Look—we know that when it comes to getting in shape, cutting corners just won’t cut it if we want to see the best (and quickest) results. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to the possibility of trying something that might allow us to skip the gym on occasion. We’re human, okay? Burpees will always be there waiting, and they’ll always be the worst.

So when we heard that the ultimate rest-day activity—a piping hot ahh-worthy bath—can actually help amp up our calorie burn, let’s just say we’d never felt more validated by science. Sugar is downright toxic, our fancy activity trackers are making us hate exercise… It’s nice to finally win one, you know?

In a recent study, scientists had 10 “unfit” men take a hot bath one day and cycle the next. On average, the men burned about 126 calories during their hour-long bath (which is about the equivalent of a 30-minute walk). Nothing completely crazy, but still pretty significant when your only activity is breathing in essential oils and good vibes.

What’s more, the researchers also found that the bath reduced participants’ blood sugar even more than their cycling trial the next day. So in at least one respect, we can say without completely lying that taking a bubble bath is better than exercise.

If you want to take your bath burn up a notch, might we suggest lifting a glass of wine? Beyond that, check out some of our favorite bath products below.

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