The Pros and Cons of Lifting Your Base Color While Going Blonde

To lighten your base color or not to lighten your base color? This is the soliloquy so many aspiring blondes speak to themselves before their hair color appointments. I myself have wrung my hands over whether or not to bump my base and try for a lighter, brighter blonde: Do I risk things going awry or stick with my tried-and-true highlights? There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both, though while you're in the critical moment of decision-making, it's hard to consider them rationally. That's why we reached out to two trusted celebrity colorists—Matt Rez at Mèche Salon in Beverly Hills and L.A. hairdresser Sunnie Brook—to have them break down a simple pros-and-cons list.

Want to make a definitive decision about whether or not you should lift your base color next time you visit the salon? To find your answer (plus some useful blonde aftercare tips), just keep scrolling.