22 Barbiecore Gifts for All Your Favorite Dolls

Platform pink shoes, feather pink purse, and pink paddlebrush

Design by Erika Harwood

When Barbie first hit shelves in 1959, she was a sensation. In the 60-odd years since, the Mattel-designed doll has done everything from throw a pool party to go to space, and in recent years the fashion doll has been redesigned to better represent the general population. Now there are curvy, plus-sized Barbies, Barbies with braids, and Barbies with pixie cuts.

That’s the kind of revitalization that may have led to Barbie’s resurgence in popularity among adults. Nicki Minaj calls her fans Barbz and has long-identified with the molded plastic doll, while RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Trixie Mattel has modeled much of her drag aesthetic off classic Barbies. There’s a live-action Barbie movie forthcoming, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and Valentino’s fall/winter 2022 collection was a Barbie-worthy pink fantasy.

All over the world, fans and feminists are embracing their Barbie fantasies and embracing a new style called Barbiecore. Simultaneously put together and over the top, Barbiecore has bubbled under on places like Pinterest since 2019, but has since burst into the mainstream on TikTok, with celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian, and Lizzo embracing their uber-pink fantasies.

If you’re looking for a gift for your very own Barbie or Skipper this holiday season, worry not: Byrdie has put together a guide to 22 of the very best Barbiecore gifts. Here’s what you’ll want to buy for all your favorite life-sized dolls.

Pinky Pinky
Nichole Lynel Pinky Pinky $196.00

Cozy and stylish at the same time, Nichole Lynel’s bubble gum-colored bow coat is perfect for those chilly winter nights. Pair it with jeans and a white tee for a day out Christmas shopping, or dress it up by throwing it over a little black dress. It’s versatile, just like Barbie.

Coco and Breezy Wisdom-103 $249.00

Every life-sized fashion doll needs a stylish pair of shades. We love Coco and Breezy’s oversize Jackie O-style frames, which are made of blush pink acetate and contain a light pink lens. Throw these on, and you’ll really be seeing life through rose-colored glasses.

Flower Pin Earrings
Yam Flower Pin Earrings $150.00

For whatever reason, when you think of Barbie, you don’t think about cactuses or lilies: You think about cute little white daisies. Yam’s Flower Pin earrings look like golden daisies and make the perfect accessory for almost any Barbiecore outfit. You can get them in silver or brass, and they’re so cute that they’ve even been used by the costume team on Euphoria.

Aminah Abdul Jillil Alora $498.00

Everyone knows that Barbie loves a good pair of pumps. The Alora pink crystal bow slingbacks from Aminah Abdul Jillil are quintessential Barbiecore, with their glittering oversized toe bows and their clear PVC uppers. Let’s just put it this way: If 1985’s Day To Night Barbie came to life, she’d absolutely wear these shoes.

Fit For Success Jumpsuit
Good American Fit For Success Jumpsuit $155.00

Even Barbie needs some cozy workwear from time to time. Good American’s “sorority pink” one-piece jumpsuit is made of denim and has a hidden front zipper closure. It’s also got pockets a plenty, and its short sleeves mean you’ll just have more room to show off your accessories.

Lijadu Bird Bag
Brother Vellies Lijadu Bird Bag $450.00

While the Lijadu bag has been a Brother Vellies staple for a few seasons now, it’s never been available in what the brand is calling “Electric Flamingo Neon Pink”—at least until now. With hand-carved rosewood chain links on the strap and logo emblem details, this is a bag that’s full of style and made to last. It comes with a removable strap so you can carry it as a clutch or wear it on your shoulder, and the brand says that it’s the perfect accessory for anyone who means to “live life loudly,” making it perfect for all those bright pink Barbiecore gals.

Barbie Floral Print Mini Dress
Forever 21 Barbie Floral Print Mini Dress $24.00

Earlier this year, Mattel and Forever 21 teamed up for a line of Barbie-themed fashion. While most of it is more streetwear than Barbiecore, there are a few pieces that would make the Barbiecore cut, including this floral print mini dress. The flocked piece has a floral pattern all over, Barbie logo graphics, and a bodycon silhouette. Throw it over a tee for a casual day look, or under a prim Chanel-like tweed jacket for when your version of Barbie needs to take a meeting.

Alicia Denim Colorblock Jacket
Fashion To Figure Alicia Denim Colorblock Jacket $32.00

Plus-sized Barbies need stylish outfits, too. This Fashion To Figure jacket and skirt set would make a perfect Barbiecore look for anyone who’s looking to cruise the mall, go on a drive in their hot pink convertible, or who might be hitting up the local carnival with whatever Ken or Midge they happen to be dating at the time.

Malibu Barbie Full Collection Set
ColourPop Malibu Barbie Full Collection Set $99.00

Over the past few years, Mattel has done a number of very successful cosmetics collaborations using Barbie’s image and aesthetic. The latest is from ColourPop, which took its inspiration from the classic Malibu Barbie. Their new collection is available in pieces or as a whole, and contains a 15-pan eyeshadow palette, a Beach Party Super Shock highlighter, a Malibu Sunset lip duo, a Dream House lip duo, a Golden Beach lip duo, Doll Lashes false eyelashes, and a Malibu Barbie hand mirror.

Bamboo Paddle Brush
Emi Jay Bamboo Paddle Brush $48.00

Keeping your hair on point is just part of the Barbie lifestyle. So why not spice it up a bit with a paddle hairbrush that doubles as a vanity mainstay?

Crystal Butterfly Earrings
Mignonne Gavigan Crystal Butterfly Earrings $125.00

All the best Barbies need a bit of bling. These Mignonne Gavigan crystal butterfly studs add a touch of sparkle to any look, day or night, and represent both transformation and optimism, according to the brand. If you want even more sparkle, don’t worry: There’s a necklace to match.

Parker Shoulder Bag
Brandon Blackwood Parker Shoulder Bag $350.00

Furry, fluffy, and so very pink, Brandon Blackwood’s Parker Shoulder Bag is Barbiecore personified. (It would also look great in any Clueless-inspired wardrobe, but that’s for another story.) It’s worth noting that this bag is made of actual rabbit fur and Barbie does love her pets so we’re not sure about her position on fur, but if you’re good with it, then this bag could be the one for you.

Charlize Platform
Steve Madden Charlize Platform $90.00

Stacked sky high and wrapped in hot pink satin, Steve Madden’s Charlize heels are a force to be reckoned with. They’re not for amateurs: At five inches high, these heels are meant for veteran Barbiecore aficionados only, but if you’re looking for the perfect accessory for any poised and pink ensemble, these shoes are it.

Pink Crystal Knotted Headband
Lele Sadoughi Pink Crystal Knotted Headband $195.00

Barbie’s hair was always perfectly coiffed—at least out of the box, before your little sister got to her with the scissors. Capture that original vibe with Lele Sadoughi’s pink velvet knotted headband, which is hand-embellished with oval, navette, and round crystals. This adorable accessory is charitable, too: 10% of all proceeds from its sale will go to the American Cancer Society.

Vintage Velvet Hair Clips
Eugenia Kids Vintage Velvet Hair Clips $5.00

While we’re on the topic of hair accessories, check out these Eugenia Kids vintage velvet clips. They come in a range of colors, including bubblegum pink, and they’re perfect additions to any ponytail, updo, or side-swept bang. Best of all: They’re so cheap that you can buy a few, meaning you can give your already maximalist look a little more oomph.

Moon Rose Quad Skates
C7 Moon Rose Quad Skates $75.00

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling might have taken to their Rollerblades when they were filming the Barbie movie, but traditionalists know that Barbie generally loved a nice quad roller skate. These hot pink beauties from C7 Skates have a plush interior structured boot, 62mm wheels, and lightweight aluminum trucks, meaning you’ll be able to do smooth skating on wood, concrete, or anywhere else your fun-loving heart desires.

Lucent Hoop Earrings
Swarovski Lucent Hoop Earrings $350.00

Large, shiny, and in charge, these Swarovski crystal geometric hoops should add a bit of modern style to any Barbiecore look. These color-saturated, fully cut crystals are reasonably light, use a subtle post fastening, and can work with any outfit, from track suit to evening gown.

Dagget Western Boots
Jeffrey Campbell Dagget Western Boots $270.00

What’s Barbie without a good pair of cowboy boots? After all, that doll knew how to dress for an occasion. These pink metallic boots from Jeffrey Campbell have a three-inch heel and are entirely made of leather. They’ll go with anything from day dresses to denim and call us crazy, but we think they’d even look pretty good under a nice poofy wedding dress.

How Rude! Lip Gloss
Trixie Cosmetics How Rude! Lip Gloss $16.00

When the aforementioned Trixie Mattel created her own cosmetics line, it was pretty evident early on that she was going to make some great pink lip products. One of her latest is the How Rude! Lip gloss, which is bright pink and  full of shimmer. (Seriously, it’s got a shine that just won’t quit.) If you’re into something a little less glittery, Mattel has lots of other pink options, including a very classic doll-inspired Stacy matte lipstick that any Barbiecore fan would adore.

Taffy / Carrot Swirls Tank Dress
JoosTricot Taffy / Carrot Swirls Tank Dress $360.00

This mini tank dress might look form-fitting, but it’s actually got a relatively non-clingy shape. Its bold psychedelic print is eye-catching and bright in a way that nods to both ‘60s mod and ‘80s mall kid, making it a perfect look for a Barbiecore night on the town.

Pampa Hi Zip Leather
Palladium Boots Pampa Hi Zip Leather $77.00

Hip Barbiecore adherents will love Palladium’s Pampa boots. Lightweight and made of premium leather, these light pink boots have a lug sole and an EVA footbed, meaning they’ll only get more comfortable with time. Wear them on your next shopping spree.

Barbie Doll Cutie Reveal Deer Plush Costume Doll With Pet
Mattel Barbie Doll Cutie Reveal Deer Plush Costume Doll With Pet $25.00

What’s a Barbiecore list without an actual Barbie? After all, everyone deserves a fun new toy to play with around the holiday season. There are lots of amazingly stylish Barbies to gawk at these days—this one clad in all pink is a dream—but there’s just something a little magical about the Cutie Reveal line of Barbies, which allows for maximum unboxing fun. Inside this Barbie’s package, you’ll find 10 different surprises, including a posable Barbie and her soft, plush deer costume. The outfit’s top actually reverses to become a cute jacket, and you can rest Barbie’s mini pet deer, which comes in the package, on the head/pet bed when Barbie isn’t wearing it. Throw some water on Barbie’s face and watch wintery “snowflake sparkle” paint appear. It’s pure fun, and, hey, at its core, isn’t Barbiecore really just about having a blast?

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