Found: 8 Luxurious Bar Soaps That Won't Dry Out Your Skin



There comes a time in life when we're all confronted with a choice: Are we bar soap or body wash lovers? Whether you've figured it out yet, here at Byrdie, we believe you can actually love both. There's definitely enough to go around: You can love your loofah and your bar soap, too.

Speaking of which, it's time to expand your horizons if you've been sticking to basic bar soaps. No offense to the classics that have been around for, like, ever, but we're into new and interesting bar soaps with hydrating benefits to keep our skin soft and fluid.

I have extremely sensitive skin, which has resulted in bad reactions from using the wrong soap. Just like any other skincare product, it's just as important to find a soap that suits your skin type. From organic to exfoliating, keep reading for the bar soaps Byrdie editors can get behind.