3 Bang-Styling Secrets From Naomi Campbell's Hairstylist

Updated 09/23/16

Naomi Campbell excels at a lot of things—being a stunning human being, stomping down runways like she owns them, and making us all want to match our eye shadow to our shirt, to name a few. One of her less-lauded (but just as important) accomplishments is making straight-across bangs look incredibly chic, modern, and—dare we say it—sexy. No small feat, considering the fact most people would describe them as “cute” or, better yet, “adorkable.”
To find out her secret, we spoke with Ricardo Rojas, the man who has been styling her hair recently for everything from fashion week to the amFAR Gala.

Turns out, the reason your bangs aren’t looking up to par might be your technique. Keep scrolling to see what we mean!

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The Biggest Bang Mistakes

“The biggest mistake women make when styling bangs is using too much product,” Rojas says matter-of-factly. “This makes your bangs look weighed down or greasy.” Instead, he says that it’s better to actually use no product at all—or, if your bangs are feeling super-frizzy, a tiny dab of serum will do.
Another common bang mistake? Flattening them down. Too-straight bangs without life or body can appear stringy, as well as drag your features downwards. If you have straight-across bangs, add a slight curve when blow-drying—more on that ahead.

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For Bangs Like Naomi

We asked Rojas to break down exactly how he’s been styling Campbell’s bangs for that slightly undone, “I woke up like this” look. The first thing he says? Dry with your fingers first--not a brush. After your bangs are almost dry, grab a paddle brush to pull them in a downward motion, slightly curving underneath. “Make sure to keep the top of the hair flattened, near the top of your crown,” Rojas warns. He chose not to use any product on Campbell, but did finish with a spritz of dry shampoo at her roots and used him hands to shake the bangs up for “sexy, effortless, rock ‘n roll” vibe.

(We think he succeeded).

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If All Else Fails

Bangs are such a huge step and can completely change up your entire look, which is why you want to make sure you’re getting the right ones for your style and face shape. If you’re still feeling lost and confused, but determined to go for the plunge, Rojas says to try this universally flattering bang shape: “Keep the bangs cut straight across in the front, with a soft angle downwards toward either side of your face,” he says. “This will add a natural frame and silhouette to any face shape.” Noted!

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