Banana Clip Hairstyles Are Making a Major Comeback—Here Are Some of Our Faves


TikTok has produced some of the most routine-changing beauty trends, from Vaseline lash lifts to stamped-on French manis. And now, you can add banana clip hairstylist to that ever-expanding list.

If you've never seen a banana clip, know that it's typically shaped like—you guessed it—a banana. It goes around a section of hair (rather than on your hair like a claw clip) to secure it in place. While the styles it creates are similar to claw clip hairstyles, banana clips are said to cause less breakage and may be better for most hair types.

We've seen them on red carpets holding intricate celebrity hairstyles in place and securing buns, ponytails, or half-up/half-down 'dos during fashion week. The clips themselves can be made from a variety of materials (think plastic, resin, and more) and decorated with accessories like rhinestones or gems.

Ready to try styling some banana clips yourself? Keep reading for inspiration and advice on how to best use banana clips straight from hairstylists Laura Polko, Nylza Yepez, and Clayton Hawkins.

Meet the Expert

  • Laura Polko is a celebrity hairstylist whose clients include Bella Hadid, Addison Rae, and Emma Chamberlain.
  • Nylza Yepez is a hairstylist at The Jenna Perry Hair Studio.
  • Clayton Hawkins is a celebrity hairstylist whose clients include Janna Ortega, Meg Stalter, and Ashley Park. He is a spokesperson for Sun Bum.
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Double the Clips, Double the Fun

Reese Witherspoon with two stacked banana hair clips

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

According to Polko, a slicked-back look with a banana clip works on any hair texture. To achieve it, she says to start by brushing back the hair to ponytail height. "Using gel or water, comb down the sides to create that slick texture," she continues. "Secure the hair in place with a banana clip or two and allow it to fall naturally into place."

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Do the Twist

Rosario Dawson with a claw clip hairstyle

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For those with textured hair, Hawkins recommends applying a hydrating curl or wave cream to your damp hair and twisting it up into the banana clip in the back. He suggests opting for a moisturizing leave-in like the SunBum Curls and Waves Styling Cream ($17). "This will add moisture and a nice shine to your locks," he says.

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An Elegant High Pony

Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala with a claw clip high pony

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Yepez recommends a smaller clip—like this one on Gigi Hadid— for those with fine hair. "Use some texturizing spray so your hair doesn't slip out of the clip and secure it vertically to create a pony," she says.

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The Colorful Accessory

Banana clips don't have to be boring, explains Yepez. "They come in many shapes and colors and are super fun—and even affordable," she says. "You can try them in many different ways, even if you're on the go." We love these maximalist offerings from the accessories brand Lelet.

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Adorned Updo

Yepez's method for a half updo on curly texture: "Grab a small clip and make a small bun and use it horizontally," she says. "Or, if you are looking to keep your hair away from your face, you can pull it back the same way you would do a ponytail. Pull it all back for a sleek look, or let [out] some bits on the front for a more playful look."

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Sleek and Classic

Hairstyling not your thing? Not a problem. According to Hawkins, banana clips are literally mistake-proof. "There is no wrong way to use them," he says. "Twisting your hair up and clipping it in the back is a clean, classic, and gorgeous way to keep your hair out of your face."

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Wispy Front Pieces

To elevate your banana clip hairstyle, opt to leave out a few wispy pieces in the front. It's a great style for those on the go since it requires minimal hair products—just a styling gel or mousse—and allows your hair to do its thing.

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Clipped, Cascading Curls


If you're rocking tighter curls, opt to slick them back on the sides and secure them with a banana clip. It's a great style for both work and every day—and will help preserve your ringlets.

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