Invite Only: A Publicist Reveals Her "Life-Changing" Facialist

Introducing a brand new Byrdie initiative: Invite Only. This series is intended to shine a light on the—‘til now—hush-hush beauty experts relied upon by industry movers and shakers, and those in the know. The aim is to, quite literally, invite you into the inner circle, where the names of pros who specialize in things like curing acne, brightening smiles, and streamlining eating plans are privately shared. (Sometimes in actual whispers.)

Up first, Bianca Boulden, brand and communications manager for salon Edwards and Co, who’s selflessly sharing the name of her magic-working, skin-fixing, Sydney-based facialist.

Keep reading for our Q&A.

Bianca Boulden wearing sunglasses and green shirt standing in desert

The recommender: Bianca Boulden, brand and communications manager for Edwards and Co

The recommendation: Angela Hibbard, facialist

Byrdie: Please tell us how you came to discover the facialist who changed your skin?

Bianca Boulden: I was seeing another facialist (I won't name names) who I have since learned was using a mixture of heavy enzyme-based products on me that were manipulating my cell turnover far too much. My skin was essentially in trauma. Once I started seeing Angela she pulled things right back, and we focused on healing with lots of LED Heallite II therapy. Angela explained that the properties of this particular light encourage wound and cellular healing, by increasing blood flow to the ‘wound’ and decreasing recovery time.

B: Who is this mysterious Angela? How did you come to find her—other recs, total accident 

BB: It was a total accident, but it was fate. I was in the salon and so down about my skin, and she happened to be getting a cut with one of our stylists. She completely understood my concerns straight away. She told me she could change my skin around, and she totally has. After seeing her the first time, I worked out that probably half our salon stylists also see her. Not sure how no one had ever told me about this amazing facialist! Angela is so under the radar you can only reach her by text. [Editor’s note: So old school! So hush-hush! Contact Angela on 0421081973.]

Bianca Boulden standing in front of white door

B: What was your first experience with Angela like?

BB: Completely relaxing but also really informational. I had no idea all the products I had been previously told were going to make my skin glow, were actually making it worse. I felt completely relaxed in her Balmain East home, which is where her practice is. I knew from that first moment that this relationship was going to be life-changing for me. And now here I am telling the world how epic she is. 

B: How has this relationship become life-changing for you?

BB: I see Angela every four weeks at least for a facial, and when I can find any extra time to get under the light I will. She is gentle, caring and has turned into one of my girlfriends. I text her about most things in my life, from skin issues and new products to the TV series we are obsessed with. I would be lost without her. 

B: Have you passed on the recommendation to others yet?

BB: A really good friend of mine who had recently had a baby was going through the worst adult acne, and after seeing Angela her skin GLOWS. Angela is truly the best in the business. She welcomes you into her home studio with a chlorophyll drink, listens and understands your concerns, fixes your problems, relaxes you, and treats you to the amazing light. What more could you want? She also recommended me to see an iridologist, who has since changed my diet which helped with my skin also. I now understand that sometimes skin stuff all comes from what’s going on inside. So, you can see how Angela helps not just with what’s happening on the surface, but goes above and beyond to address the cause. 

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