The ONE Beauty Product That Does It All (and How to Use It)

Miracle worker is not a term we use lightly. Much of our time at Byrdie HQ is spent testing out some of the most buzzed-about products and treatments, and while many of them are great—even amazing—few are downright magical. Yet there’s an oft-overlooked product that really is the stuff of miracles. Oil-based salves and beauty balms (not to be confused with BB creams) can do it all: Tame flyaways and unruly brows? Yes and yes. Turn powder blush into a creamy, sheer color? Absolutely. Hydrate and soothe the most dry, chapped skin? Yep.

Of course, salve is not exactly new: Smith’s cult-classic Rosebud Salve has been around since 1982, after all. But after years of putting that stuff on everythinglips, cuticles, elbows, you name it—it seems like the rest of the beauty industry has finally caught on, and now we suddenly have our pick of salves and balms galore. And when you consider the minimalist, low-key beauty look that’s sweeping the runways this fashion month and check out all the things you can do with balms below, you might realize that your makeup bag really only needs to be one product deep.

Keep reading to discover 11 brilliant uses for balm!