The Ballerina Bun Is the Easiest Way to Try the Balletcore Trend

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Elle Fanning Balletcore Bun


Not since Black Swan have we seen ballet-inspired trends popping up everywhere. But unlike Natalie Portman’s infamous black eyeshadow, balletcore is looking a lot softer and more approachable in 2023—hello, the return of ballet flats! In the beauty world, that translates to the classic balletcore bun taking over our locks.

“This hairstyle has been around for a long time!” says Lacy Redway, Unilever Stylist & Celebrity Hair Artist. “It’s a classic hairstyle that has been worn by many in past generations, but I love that it’s trending again. The finishing of this hairstyle gets updated as time changes; the aesthetic is more of a feeling and can be your own interpretation.”

Any trend you can put your personal stamp on is a winner. Read on for everything you need to know about the balletcore bun, plus how to style the look yourself. 

Who Can Wear the Ballerina Bun?

“The balletcore bun is a cool, fresh take on a chic and glamourous look,” says Nai’vasha, TRESemmé Stylist & Entrepreneur. “The beauty of this trend is that it’s a playground for all textures and face shapes—every woman can feel confident trying it out.” 

A universally flattering style, it can work on anyone and everyone since there’s a lot of flexibility to the style. “I love the balletcore bun in all its perspectives,” Nai’vasha says. “Overall, I would describe this look as the ultimate day-to-night glam. Its cool approach is effortless. A few wispies, or even a play on texture—there are no rules!” 

How to Make the Ballerina Bun Work for You

“Buns are great for all hair types, textures and age ranges,” Redway says. “A nice, clean ponytail/bun is flattering for most, but placement of the bun is key to complementing different face shapes. Round shapes typically look most flattering with hair down and around the face.” If you have a rounder face shape, Redway recommends trying a half up / half down version of this hairstyle and leaving two pieces out at the top of your hairline to frame your face. 

Since the style is versatile, it’s about experimenting to find out what works best for you. “It is an aesthetic, a feeling, soft and whimsical is how I interpret it,” Redway says. “I like that you can translate the aesthetic not just in your hairstyle but also throughout your overall look. It’s a way to showcase different ranges in your style sense but also giving yourself a practical hairstyle that lasts.”

How to DIY a Ballerina Bun

“Creating this type of bun is simple once you have the right products,” Redway says. “It’s all about the prep for me. I recommend shampooing with the new Nexxus Unbreakable Care Anti-Breakage Shampoo ($19) and Thickening Conditioner ($19) to strengthen, protect and create fullness in your hair before styling.” 

Nai’vasha advises starting with a smooth, moisturized base, which will help create a nice foundation for styling. “I like the new TRESemmé Pro Infusion Fluid Smooth Hair Tonic ($9), which offers a multi-tasking, salon-inspired tonic that hydrates, detangles, smooths and aligns strands to achieve high shine with natural movement,” she says. 

Once hair is prepped, create a clean middle part and delicately brush your hair back into what Nai’vasha calls the “Barbie” position; where you would do a high ponytail. Wrap with your favorite bungee or elastic to hold your hair in place. “Using whatever technique you prefer, twist and pin the hair from the ponytail to create your personalized bun shape,” she says. “Use TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray ($9) all over to hold the look softly in place, et voila!”

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