A Day in the Life: How Top Ballerinas Really Eat

Ballet dancers, like modern geishas, or runway models, fall into the camp of ethereal beings we openly gush over for their innate sense of calm and poise. Elegant, lithe, and oh so graceful, ballerinas have a physical prowess that makes them both mysterious and fascinating—so obviously, we want to know anything we can about their daily routine (in a totally non-creepy way, we swear). With this in mind, we caught up with registered dietitian Joy Bauer, the official nutritionist to the New York City Ballet, and asked her exactly what foods she prescribes to her throng of prima ballerinas. Do they eat like us mere mortals? What do they snack on when they get hungry or tired? Do they even get hungry or tired? If you’ve ever been curious about how a ballet dancer eats, keep scrolling to find out!