Balayage vs. Ombré: How to Tell the Difference

Hair trends may come and go, but we love keeping up with the buzz. So far this year, the most popular were all pink-toned colors, like Millennial Pink, rose gold, and peach. While we love those hair colors, we always find ourselves going back to balayage and ombré. As do most other people. (Case in point: Celebs like Lily Aldridge, Jessica Biel, Ciara, Jessica Alba, and J.Lo all have sported, or currently are sporting, balayage and ombré hair.)

We like these types of hair colors so much because they provide subtle, undulating highlights throughout the hair. In other words, if you haven’t requested balayage or ombré hair at the hands of your colorist, do so immediately.

But before you go to the salon and request one or the other, know that they're not synonymous. In fact, the actual dye technique differs a lot, which means the results differ too. Keep reading to learn the difference between balayage and ombré hair dye techniques.

Opening Image: Getty