I Got a Blond Hair Makeover by L.A.'s New Balayage Master—See the Photos!

I was born a deep brunette. Well, I was technically born bald, but soon the dark chocolate color genetically predetermined for me grew in thick and long. Everyone in my family has dark hair; it’s just who we are. For 17 years, “snarky East Coast brunette” defined my identity.

The summer before my senior year of high school, I took it a step further. As moody teenagers are wont to do, I dyed my hair jet-black from a box. This was my first foray into the magical world of hair color, and I was instantly hooked. Throughout college, I made my way across the color wheel, from auburn to fire-truck red to bright strawberry, enraptured by the physical and spiritual transformation every time. Much to my hairstylists’ disgust, boxed hair dye was my best friend, and I wielded it like an aspiring artist with a 10-cent brush.

But then I grew up and moved to Los Angeles, where I decided that as an adult, I should probably turn my hair color over to the pros. Plus, I’d recently become dead set on finally going where I always swore I never would: blond.

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