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The Balance Issue

Balance [noun]: to remain upright and steady; harmony of elements and proportion

Letter from the Editor

byrdie editor hallie gould

Tiffany Haddish speaks in all caps. She's on even when she stayed out until 5 a.m. celebrating the night before—which was the case the day I met her. Her personality, a blend of sharp wit and sparkling light, is impossible to pin down. Spending time with Haddish is sublimely balanced between belly laughs and deep conversations. As such, the comedian and actress fits perfectly as our cover star for Byrdie’s eighth digital issue, The Balance Issue.

"Finding balance" is a delicate dance; it’s a constant journey. We’re up and then we’re down, and then one day, we’re up again, and that’s okay. But we wanted the theme of this issue to speak to the search for steadiness and how surprisingly delightful it feels when we can grab hold of it. There’s so much joy in harmony, but it doesn’t always come so easily. In this issue, you’ll find stories about letting go of what doesn’t serve you, trying to make friends as an adult (let’s be real, it’s hard), redefining productivity, and the AAPI experience. We discuss taking a much-needed break from dating as well as the power and pleasure of dopamine dressing. Much like our cover star, we’re ready to live at a higher vibration. Join us, won’t you?

-Hallie Gould, editorial director

On the Cover

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Tiffany Haddish Lives on High Vibrations

Tiffany Haddish likes to talk to her water. Once a week, before slipping into a warm bath that she’s designed to be equal parts meditative and spiritual, Haddish strikes her Baoding balls and commands the water to cleanse, fortify, and rid her of any ill feelings. Did you hear me, water? she’ll say, as she hovers over her tub. It’s your job to take all the negative pain and suffering away from thi...

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On the Cover

The B-Side

We're flipping the script and spotlighting the geniuses behind these looks.

Tiffany Haddish and team

Get to Know Tiffany's Glam Team: Hairstylist Ray Christopher and MUA Kathy Jeung

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Keeping Balance

In My Feelings