Why This $1 Product Has Officially Replaced My Shampoo

Believe it or not, tons of people are actually giving up shampoo. On purpose. So many that there’s even a name for it: the no-poo method (I kid you not). You swap your shampoo for the dynamic duo of baking soda and apple cider vinegar and supposedly your hair literally thanks you (in the form of silky smooth almost-back-to-its-natural-state hair). This intrigued me, and thus, this two-week-long experiment was born.

If I’m being completely honest as to why I wanted to try this, it wasn’t to save a ton of cash (although that’s a huge bonus; baking soda costs 78 cents at CVS, as opposed to my regular $20 splurge), and it wasn’t to avoid all the chemicals that come with my volumizing shampoo (another added bonus), and it wasn’t because I wanted to finally embrace my inner hippie, either. I was just curious. So, here we go. Keep scrolling for my account!