5 Morning Habits That Are RUINING Your Hair (And How To Fix Them)

Updated 09/08/17

If your locks are looking a bit lackluster, your morning routine could be to blame. Since the last thing you want to worry about in the a.m. is the health of your hair, we took it upon ourselves to do the research for you. Click ahead for five surprising morning habits that are ruining your hair—and learn how to fix them, stat!

Bad Habit #1: Scrunching Without Protection

So you’ve almost mastered beach waves—but for some reason, your strands always end up frizzy. Why? Scrunching your hair can actually rough up the cuticle, leading to frizzy, dry-looking strands. Mario Russo, owner and stylist of Mario Russo salon, recommends this simple trick: “When you scrunch hair, use a t-shirt over or on your hands,” he says. “This will help you to avoid extra frizz [and] friction!”

Bad Habit #2: Over-Sudsing

If your shampoo isn’t foaming into a rich, bubbly lather, you might be tempted to reach for more. But here’s a shocker: shampoo bubbles—which most people associate with cleanness—are actually created with sulfates, some of the harshest ingredients in your trusty bottle. So instead of using more shampoo to build your lather, just add more water. If you have naturally curly hair, Russo suggests shampooing in the beginning of your shower, and allowing it to sink in, instead of lathering up a storm.


Bad Habit #3: Over-Spritzing

Most hair sprays, texture sprays, and sea salt sprays are made with alcohol—good for keeping your locks in place, but super drying in the long run. Why not try a simple DIY version instead? Russo suggests filling an 8-ounce spray bottle with water, adding a few tablespoons of sea salt to the mixture, and finishing with a small drop of a moisturizing product (he loves Moroccanoil). Spritz this homemade salt spray on damp strands for beachy texture that won’t dry out your strands!

Bad Habit #4: Using An Elastic On Wet Hair

You already know that brushing wet hair is no-no, but twisting it in a tight bun or putting it in a pony puts strain on it as well. Your hair is its weakest state when it is wet, so always handle with care—use a gentle, no-tug hair tie if you need to keep it out of your face.

Bad Habit #5: Taking Steamy Showers

So you like your showers super hot—unfortunately, your hair doesn’t. Hot water can dehydrate your strands, just like it does to your skin. When you take long, scalding-hot showers, you’re stripping away your hair’s protective oils. Plus, it can throw your scalp into overdrive, leading to root damage and excessive shedding. Yikes. Instead, take the temperature down a few notches and keep your shower time on the short side.

Are you guilty of these bad hair habits? Sound off below!

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