Bad Habit's New Exfoliating Duo Are Designed for Stressed-Out Skin

Good as new.

Bad Habit

Does anyone else take a twisted sort of pride in bad behavior? We've all done it: sleeping in makeup, skipping a skincare step, or staying up way too late. Something about breaking the beauty rules occasionally has a so-bad-it's-good feeling. And while we don't necessarily condone bad skincare, we do understand the occasional lapse—no one is perfect. Inevitably, however, there's an urge to overcompensate for skincare negligence. And drying out skin, over-exfoliating, or going too hard with a treatment after a night out often puts you right back at square one.

Bad Habit, whose name says it all, understands this struggle. The beauty brand knows no one’s perfect—and knows that we know that too. With high-quality sensorial products that are as much about the experience as their long-term benefits, Bad Habit has designed a skincare line that gets complexity and wants to help us chill out a bit. 

Their latest drop joins the AHA/BHA craze. The Good as New Cleanser ($19) and Repair Mode Serum ($24) are a gentle, exfoliating power couple that aims to clear your complexion and renew your mind. Elizabeth Enderle, VP of New Brands at FORMA and representative for Bad Habit explains, “You can kind of resurface and start again.”

Intrigued? Us too. Read on for more on the latest skincare duo from Bad Habit.

Bad Habit Serum and Cleanser

Bad Habit

The Products

Good as New Cleanser ($19) and Repair Mode Serum ($24) both feature an AHA/BHA blend. The two gentle exfoliants work synergistically to smooth and brighten your complexion. AHA treats surface concerns, clearing away dead skin cells, encouraging new cell turnover, and evening tone. BHA clears your pores, removing oily build-up. “In combination, you’re getting that surface level exfoliation and that deep exfoliation that’s going to set your skin up for success in the coming week," explains Enderle.

Naturally, the cleanser and serum are designed to work together, and in conjunction with your favorite moisturizer (we recommend Bad Habit’s own Daily Dose ($24) if you're looking to commit). The duo, which is designed for everyday use, addresses two major concerns simultaneously. However, according to Enderle, they work as well alone as they do together, depending on your needs, “Everyone needs to figure out the right balance of exfoliation in their skincare routine,” she adds.

How to Use It

Regardless of what you did during the day—whether it was working out, sweating in a full face of makeup, or carrying around unnecessary stress (we've all been there)—you’re going to want to use these products at night. As you work a small amount of the Good as New Cleanser ($19) onto your hands, gently massage the foaming cleanser into your skin. Without even thinking, you’ll find yourself slowing down, soothed as you breathe in the lavender essential oils. 

Bad Habit Good as New Cleanser
Bad Habit Good as New AHA/BHA Creamy Cleanser $19.00

After rinsing off the cleanser, the energizing Repair Mode Serum ($24) will give you that extra boost, both for your skin and your mind. Elizabeth, who takes her inspiration from Gen Z, follows an approach to skincare that avoids synthetic fragrance and embraces a short ingredient list. She also notices the physical, as well as mental, benefits of taking a pause with her skincare routine. “When I’m using a product that has an essential oil in it designed to help calm or energize my skin I really like to slow it down.” 

Bad Habit Repair Mode AHA/BHA Active Night Serum
Bad Habit Repair Mode AHA/BHA Active Night Serum $24.00

The Formula

“Everything’s purposefully designed to reset stressed-out skin and mind. Essential oils have these incredible benefits that affect your mind and how you feel,” Enderle explains. Beyond the powerhouse duo of the AHA/BHA and its relaxing essential oils, Bad Habit’s new duo incorporates other beneficial and well-loved ingredients. 

The Good as New Cleanser ($19) is infused with hyaluronic acid, a hydrating factor as good for your internal health as for the brightness of your complexion. After locking in the benefits of this ingredient with a moisturizer, you’ll find your skin to be more supple. We should also note that hyaluronic acid can also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The Repair Mode Serum ($24) has blue lotus extract, an antioxidant and natural ingredient which “works to balance out your skin’s oil content while boosting radiance with that natural hydration,” according to Enderle. It also makes the product versatile for different skin types, whether you skew oily or dry. Meanwhile, another ingredient that gives your skin an extra boost is the anti-inflammatory magnesium infusion. Not only does magnesium energize your skin, but it can also protect it from external damage and increase recovery after upsets. There you have it: sunscreen in the morning, AHA/BHA cleanser, and serum at night. Sounds easy enough. 

The Bottom Line

Over time, the combined use of the products aims to produce a brighter, happier complexion—and a more peaceful mind. “People don’t even realize how stressed they are or how their habits can show up on their faces,” Enderle states. Not sleeping, feeling dehydrated—it’s all connected, and incorporating AHA/BHA into your routine can combat these effects. Happy skin makes you happier, even if you’re not perfect all the time.

Bad Habit's price point makes their line accessible for most people, and the long-term and short-term benefits of AHA/BHA are ideal for anyone looking to even out their skin tone and renew their complexion. The next time you need a reset for your mind and body, put on that PJ set (or one of your better late-night impulse purchases) and destress.

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