This Product Cleared My Bacne So Fast, I Had to Do a Double Take


Original Illustration by Haobin Ye

Call me a masochist, but despite having a back that's frequently smattered with breakouts, I willingly chose a backless dress for my upcoming wedding. I can already feel your judgment and furrowed brows through the screen as I type this, but hear me out: I was determined to clear it up, come hell or high water. And not only for my nuptials and the (very expensive) wedding photos, but for every day following. I often forego delicate tank tops and shoulder-baring shirts, embarrassed by the glaring acne scars and bumps on my back, but acne is treatable, so I didn't have to hide in my own skin. I was bound and determined.

A while back, wellness editor Victoria Hoff told me that Stacked Skincare's TCA Body Peel had cleared up her body breakouts, so I got my hands on a bottle. To be honest, I let it collect dust on my shelf at first, discouraged by the application process (it comes with a fan brush and dish, which felt a bit more… involved and was superseded by my laziness). But thinking back to Hoff's rave reviews, I recently dug the bottle out of my collection and opted to use a Shiseido cotton pad instead (which made things much easier). On contact, it's quite tingly and delivers a slight burning sensation but nothing unmanageable. After a few swipes along the affected area, it dried within seconds, the tingling wore off, and I went to sleep with dreams of having less "texture" the next morning.

Now, I know that bacne is an emotionally debilitating topic for many, and I wouldn't over-sensationalize the results of a treatment, so here goes: This peel is scary-good. The morning after I applied it, my back was noticeably clearer and the hyperpigmentation from scarring had faded considerably. The next few days were when the real magic happened, though. By day four, upon checking my back in the bathroom mirror, I had to do a double take: My breakouts were almost completely gone. I could've cried happy tears in that moment. Finally, a solution.