20 Baby Pink Nail Ideas That Prove Pastel Pink Is the Manicure of the Season

A baby pink French manicure with floral and French tip accents


As our wardrobe transitions, so, too, does our color palette. And one perfectly springy tone is baby pink. You see it in the cherry blossoms that decorate our trees and across the evening sky as it prepares for sunset. We took the liberty of rounding up the best baby pink nails, from abstract and fun designs, to simple and sweet. Get ready to update your mani with the color of the season.

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Pink Clouds

A translucent baby pink manicure with cloud designs


These soft baby pink clouds remind us of cotton candy and warm picnics on a beautiful summer day. The sheer pink base almost works as a neutral here, while the simple clouds add a touch of femininity and fun.

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Polka Dot

A translucent baby pink manicure with polka dots


Fun and funky, we love these polka-dot nails for their unique style. (And the chrome dots really take the look up a notch.) These nails are also easy to dress up or down with accessories such as bracelets and rings.

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Pink Stars

A baby pink manicure with white stars


Kick off the spring season by seeing stars (on your nails, of course). This simple design of white stars on a baby-pink base creates the perfect combination of beauty and fun.

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A baby pink manicure with negative space and black abstract designs


We love how this set balances minimalism and design by combining a baby pink base with negative space designs and black accents. The result? A chic and modern take on simplicity.

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Gold Foil

A baby pink mani with gold foil accents

Add some sparkle to your everyday baby pink nails with gold foil. We absolutely love this modern and fresh take on an otherwise simple mani. The gold accents add a luxe and classy feel—a little gilding can go a long way.

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Plain Jane

A solid baby pink manicure


Nothing beats a classic, baby pink solid-color full set. If you’re feeling bold or expressive, you can always explore various nail shapes (like almond or ballerina) to test out this color.

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A baby pink manicure with chrome details


This manicure blends the soft and feminine while exploring unique and unconventional accents. We love how the baby pink base perfectly offsets the chrome/silver details while 3D water droplets add an extra dose of edge.

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A baby pink manicure with orange airbrush details


This baby pink set is decorated with hues of orange and yellow that blend seamlessly to create a beautiful, technicolor sunset nail combination.

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Tea Party

A baby pink manicure with a dainty tea party motif


Bring a splash of class to your nails with this adorable tea-themed baby pink set. Hand-painted floral details add a chic and classy touch, while the soft baby pink base gives the look a hyper-feminine feeling.

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Strawberry Shortcake

A baby pink manicure with strawberry and white polka dot details


If you’re a lover of sweets, then this design will definitely satisfy your taste buds. We're living for super detailed strawberries, while the white polka dots are a little quirky and totally darling.

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Red Gingham

A baby pink manicure with red gingham and strawberry details


Nothing beats a good, classic gingham design. This look elevates the classic with a baby pink base (instead of the traditional white) and strawberry designs.

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An abstract baby pink manicure


If you prefer simple styles but want to experiment with some color (aka baby pink), this abstract mani is for you. Minimal shading and an almond shape give this set an elegant and luxurious feeling, while the baby pink provides a flirty and delicate feel.

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A baby pink manicure with butterfly designs

This design made our hearts flutter, and if you’re a pink lover, we’re sure you’ll love it too. The baby pink ombré set features stunning butterflies (a spring-forward design if there ever was one), hints of glitter, and a glossy finish.

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A marble baby pink manicure


If you aren't into designs but want to try something new, we recommend this baby-pink marble. The nail starts with a soft baby pink base, while off-white marbled lines add a graceful touch. Incorporate bits of gold foil to jazz it up, or leave it as is for something more subtle.

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Gold French Tip

A baby pink French manicure with gold tips


We adore these gold accent French tips. A spin on the classic nude and white, these nails start with a luscious but soft baby pink base and are capped off with a simple gold chrome at the tip. Beautiful, classy, and simple, this is a perfect style for exploring the various shades of pink.

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A baby pink manicure with hot pink and silver chrome heart designs


This simple and chic design is perfect for highlighting your nails. An impeccably filed almond shape, followed by minimal coats of baby pink, provides a refreshing look. Add chrome and pink hearts in a slightly darker shade for a bit of color and contrast (and a splash of fun).

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A baby pink manicure with floral and French tip accents

If you’re practicing self-love, you can always buy yourself flowers; or, in this case, wear them. This beautiful set showcases a mix of graceful and light designs. A fuchsia French tip compliments the solid baby pink fingers, while delicate hand-painted flowers in the same color palette tie the whole look together.

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A baby pink French manicure with henna accent nails


Complement a set of baby-pink nails with a unique design. This mani shows appreciation for culture and heritage with prints similar to henna tattoos.

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Decorative Foil

A baby pink manicure with abstract fine art details


The wonderful thing about baby pink is that it mimics a neutral base, essentially providing a blank canvas for your nails. So if you lack the desire (or patience) for intricate designs, top your baby pink mani with foils as an alternative.

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A baby pink manicure with snakeskin motifs


If you’re looking for a bold yet gentle design, snakeskin nails are a great option. The unique shapes and blended patterns give this set a sharp and sexy look.

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