This Cleanse Was Like a "Reset" Button for My Body


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On a rainy, freezing afternoon in mid-March, I walked up to the SoHo building that houses Pratima Skincare in New York with a silent prayer that when I walked out a while later, I would have some answers. I was on the tail end of a bout with bronchitis, just the latest in what seemed like a winter of perpetual illness: Strep throat, a few bad colds, seasonal affective disorder, and bronchitis had left me drained, bummed out, and beyond ready for spring—or really, anything that might indicate there was an end in sight to it all. Which is what brought me to Pratima in the first place—I sought the help of its founder and chief practitioner, Pratima Raichur, who I thought could possibly cure me of that dreadful winter by holistically overhauling my life.

Raichur specializes in Ayurveda, the ancient Hindu school of medicine that operates on the belief that wellness is achieved when a person is fully balanced in the mind and body. This is accomplished with the proper diet, herbs, and alternative therapies, and is totally personalized based on both one’s own innate, ideal state, as well as the imbalances that person might be currently experiencing based on outside factors—imbalances that usually manifest through poor well-being and nonstop illness. Basically, I was the perfect candidate for a full-on Ayurvedic detox.

But in spite of the sniffling and exhaustion, I only had to meet Raichur to be put at ease—her serene, calming presence was that infectious, and I knew I was in good hands. For the next two weeks, my diet and lifestyle would be under her jurisdiction.

Keep reading to see what the detox entailed and how it worked for me.

This post was originally published on September 8, 2015.

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