Here's What (and What Not) to Eat to Feel Better Post–Thanksgiving Dinner

We're less than a month away from the biggest day for food consumption: Thanksgiving. It's a holiday, so we're hard-pressed to tell you not to enjoy yourself. Though, historically, comfort food dishes on Thanksgiving are chock-full of sodium, sugar, heavy cream, and other ingredients that aren't exactly the healthiest choices. The problem is that you surely don't want to have to forego these (delicious) dishes, enviously peering at plates of green bean casserole, pie, and the like. 

The good news: You don't have to miss out. With easy substitutions that don't compromise flavor, you can still indulge without all of the excess calories. Maria Bella, the owner of Top Balance Nutrition in NYC, shared with us the exact foods we should and shouldn't eat this holiday to avoid Thanksgiving-induced bloat from the meal and the days of leftovers that follow. See what she had to say below!