I Ate 2 Avocados a Day to See If It Would Improve My Hair

Over the last few months (more like a full 12, if I'm being honest), I've had a slightly contentious relationship with my hair. Full, chest-length curls used to sprout from my head and grow without much trouble. But lately those tendrils have been replaced with thin, damaged, and uneven strands ready to break off at a moment's notice. I've swapped out every hair product, asked experts, and taken supplements, all in the off chance my hair might grow back into my good graces (only to be sorely disappointed a year later).

Desperate for answers and at the end of my fraying rope, I've frantically bombarded our wellness editor, Victoria, for her advice. Every time I see her, her hair is longer, stronger-looking, and more beautiful than before. I would admit to unadulterated jealousy if it didn't go against all my "women supporting women" type morals. Her advice? Avocados. Yes, really.