Aveda's Luxurious New Product Launch Will Permanently Cure Your Stress

Get ready to add some serious om to your skincare routine. The brand famous for its Ayurveda-minded skincare and haircare just launched a new range guaranteed to guide you to relaxation. Aveda’s new collection is called Tulasāra (meaning “moving toward balance” in Sanskrit) and offers gorgeous, triangular-shaped glass bottles filled with naturally sourced ingredients to bring harmony to your skin.

The new collection features three different concentrates—calming, brightening, and firmingas well as an oil and facial dry brush. You may be familiar with dry brushing for the body, but the highlight of this line is the facial brush, which swipes away dead skin and increases circulation. Gently guide the brush over your skin in circular motions and then follow up with the Oleation oil for a perfectly Ayurveda skin-awakening routine.

Oh, and did we mention that these products smell incredible? Each bottle contains a special blend of aromatherapeutic oils for an instant dose of chill, worthy of an exotic yoga retreat.

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