Tone It Up

Portrait of Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn of Tone It Up.

Who's your beauty icon?

My mom!

Who are your five favorite people to follow on Instagram?

1. Our #TIUteam!!! Amazing motivational posts every day.

2. @LaurenConrad_com—such cute daily ideas and tips.

3. @inspiredbythisblog. We're inspired by this :).

4. @Rocky_Barnes. We just want her life, haha.

5. @hiimskunk—very entertaining 

What's the beauty essential you can’t live without?

Coconut oil and sunscreen!

What's your desert-island album?

Katrina: Britney forever

Karena: Jordan T

Favorite story:

The Quickest Way to Get Rid of Belly Bloat for an Event

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