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  • Purdue University, FIT, Bauman College


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Jenna started her writing career when she launched her site NowHeyLady in 2017. What started as a blog to share allergy-friendly recipes soon turned into a sacred, safe space to discuss all things partnership, sex, love, and manifestation after a breakup. It eventually led to a breakthrough and a notable and widely-shared “non-toxic condom roundup.” As a writer, she has covered everything from sex tips to virtual dating and has been published in Cosmopolitan, MindBodyGreen, Blood + Milk, and more.

Jenna is also a holistic nutrition consultant by way of Bauman College, a reiki master, a kundalini teacher, and an oversharing experiencer of life—particularly the “taboo” aspects.

Other work:

Dating with a Severe Food Allergy, Cosmopolitan

14 Scientific Benefits of Kissing, MindBodyGreen

Cycle Syncing for Hotter Sex, Blood + Milk


Jenna has a B.S. in retail management and entrepreneurship from Purdue University alongside an A.A.S. in fashion merchandising from FIT.

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