4-Minute Hairstyles Every Australian Model Will Be Wearing This Summer

Shanina Shaik medium curly hair

Michael Stewart / Contributor / Getty Images

Twelve days into spring, the east coast has been hit with a mini heatwave (by which we mean two days that are warmer than 25 degrees). The sudden rise in temperature has got us seriously contemplating our hair—blow dries just aren't practical when sweat and humidity are thrown into the mix. So we turned to our fellow Aussies (of the model variety) for some summer hairstyle inspiration.

Earning a living from the way they look, these models know a thing or two about hair. Factor in very demanding schedules, and you've got easy, sweat-proof styles that take less time than your morning coffee. Whether you're swimming, baking (with SPF under the umbrella, no doubt), or battling public transport, there's a hair hack that will keep you cool during the warmer months. 

Keep scrolling for seven model- and influencer-approved hairstyles that will see you through summer. 

Space Buns

Rowi Singh just convinced us that this style isn't just for those under the age of 15. Save these for weekend drinks, days by the water, or whenever an afternoon breeze picks up. 

Salty Top-Knot

Swimming in the ocean is good for a multitude of things, one of which is textured hair. Let it air dry after swimming before piling into a high, loose bun. The more strands loose, the better. To avoid crunchy aftermath, mist it with Palmer's Leave In Conditioner ($6). 


If you have sweaty, greasy roots, a headscarf can do you a world of good (and takes 30 seconds). Literally tie it in a knot at the back of your head or throw it on over a ponytail a la Lil Ahenkan, and you're done. Monochrome is a safe bet, and we love Witchery for beach-friendly options. 

Long Waves

Braids are just too convenient to not include. While Nicole Warne has gone gangbusters with this look, we can take a leaf out of her book and go for something more subtle. One surefire way to beachy hair? A lightweight mousse distributed through slightly damp hair. We like Ouai Air Dry Foam ($28).

Imperfect Bangs

Most would presume that bangs and summer heat are not a good match, but Chloe Morello has us convinced otherwise. They're more fluffy than smooth, but it just works. Keep a mini dry shampoo in your bag to soak up oil. 

Natural Waves

The surest way to prevent your style ruining in the heat is to let your hair air dry. Smooth through some Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It ($45) air-drying cream, and let nature do its thing. Takes no time, and we promise it looks better than you think. If you can't bear to part with heat tools, make like Aussie influencer Jayme Jo Massoud and add a few bends around the face. You'll feel more done, but be able to maintain your style. 


Another scarf trick, but this time Tahnee Atkinson is using it as a headband. Aside from looking like you're straight out of Sardinia, it's the simplest way to go straight from the beach to a venue. Pick a skinny headscarf so you're not swamped in fabric. 

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