The New Supplement from Augustinus Bader Promises Lit-From-Within Skin

Your morning juice has a new job.

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You've definitely seen their midnight blue bottles. The brand behind some of the most sought-after creams and serums in the industry, Augustinus Bader lines the shelves, crowds the nightstands, and can be found in the medicine cabinets of everyone from the coolest micro-influencers to megawatt stars like Margot Robbie, Victoria Beckham, Sandra Oh, and Lizzo.

Since its launch in 2018, the luxury skincare line, named for its German-born founder, has managed to beat out more than a few legacy brands as the facial products of choice among celebs and skincare enthusiasts. But, as demonstrated by the rapidly-scaling beauty-wellness hybrid spheres, it's not enough to go topical and hope for red carpet skin. With the launch of Augustinus Bader's The SKIN With ERC8 ($125) supplement, getting luminous skin has become a true inside-out mission for the brand.


Augustinus Bader

The Formula

Developed with the help of top in-house scientist Dr. Shibashish Giri, The SKIN is a powdered, digestible supplement formulated to facilitate the perfect environment for cultivating that inner glow through gut-based microbiomes. The supplement creates ideal conditions for good bacteria to thrive in your body and nourishes the internal connection between your gut and skin. The product also includes some key proteins that encourage cells to renew and reenergize. It's the same science-first approach that led Professor Augustinus Bader to develop the groundbreaking wound-treating gel that would become the basis for his best-selling creams.

How It Works

According to Professor Augustinus Bader himself, the decision to develop a supplement for the popular line was an easy—and natural—next step. "The SKIN, powered by ERC8, provides targeted cellular nutrition, creates a healthy gut microbiome, and supports the body’s natural ability to recycle and rebuild damaged mitochondria—the power generator of living cells, for more efficient cell functioning and skin renewal," Professor Bader explains to Byrdie. "Powerful vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, adaptogens, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories work with your topical skincare, providing a daily dose of radiance and resilience and promoting whole-body vitality."

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Augustinus Bader

To understand how The SKIN truly works, focus on the second part of the product's name: ERC8. Abbreviating for Epigenetic Rejuvenating Complex 8. This patent-pending blend is a unique combination of botanical extracts, high-grade vitamins and minerals, and most crucially, top-quality prebiotics and probiotics to stimulate that all-important gut health.

"These bio-optimized ingredients work in harmony to revitalize skin cells via proven cellular nourishment. ERC8 promotes healthy skin by reactivating and supporting cell mitophagy, a natural, detoxifying process that removes the dysfunctional mitochondria of aged skin cells," Professor Bader says of the formula. "Healthy cellular mitophagy is the most powerful way to naturally rejuvenate skin cells from the inside out, preventing the signs of skin aging."

How to Use It

This all may read like a biology vocabulary test, but the actual usage couldn't be simpler. The individual powder sachets are a virtually taste-free mix-in to your morning juices, smoothies, yogurts, and even a glass of straight-up water. Professor Bader's directions: take the supplement with food, ingest it at the same time daily, and make sure whatever you're adding it to is roughly room temperature—too hot or cold, and the carefully calibrated powders can have difficulty dissolving properly.

The Bottom Line

While I'm only about a week into taking The SKIN myself, I've noticed a bit of extra bounce in my skin, a phenomenon that usually only occurs when I've actually been consistent with my water intake—and Byrdies, I have not been (but I'm working on it). In clinical assessments and trials, participants reported improved hydration by more than 160 percent: fine lines were visibly reduced by more than 60 percent; radiance boosted by more than 200 percent, and skin tone visibly improved by 185 percent. Those are some pretty staggering numbers for such a small packet.

"As innovators in our field, we wanted to leverage over 30 years of scientific research in regenerative medicine and cellular repair to create the best possible ingestible companion to complement our award-winning topicals for a 360-degree approach to caring for your skin health," Professor Bader says. But based on the evidence, this is more than a 360 approach—it's truly inside-out.

Augustinus Bader The SKIN Powered by ERC8 $125.00

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