We Tried Victoria Beckham's Favorite $265 Moisturizer—Here's Our Verdict

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: One inevitable side effect of life as a beauty editor is an unavoidable (yet steadily increasing) skepticism toward any and all beauty products. But let me be clear. It's not that I'm any less interested or intrigued by what comes across my desk or inbox. It's just that after a certain amount of time (like, oh, maybe one week into the job), I realized it's theoretically impossible for each and every product to live up to the skin-, game-, and life-changing hype brands want me to believe or promote. While there are countless products that do, indeed, get my blood pumping with anticipation and excitement, there are just as many I'm far from keen on.

That being said, every so often I'm introduced to something so revolutionary in concept, development, and scientific velocity that I can hardly wait to report on it. Enter Augustinus Bader—an under-the-radar yet so scientifically advanced brand that just might be the future of skincare. Yep, I said it. And while it's still relatively unknown, I have an inkling it won't be for long. (So far, the brand consists of two iterations of its trademark face cream—The Rich Cream ($265) and The Cream ($265)—both of which launched back in February.) So, what makes the two creams so darn extraordinary? Science and stem cells. Oh, and the fact that they're beloved by none other than the ageless Victoria Beckham. Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about this high-tech brand.