It’s Leo Season and Your August 2019 Beauty Horoscope Is Here

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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

August: It’s all about creatively pursuing your dreams and indulging a bit this month.

August 7-8: It's auspicious to plan travel related to love on these dates, and even better to rediscover and strengthen your own self-love! Take a risk, one that's heart-centered.

August 11: Jupiter, the planet of luck, wakes up after being retrograde since April 10, 2019. Jupiter promises movement, growth, opportunities, and luck where you've learned the most in the last four months! It's time to branch out and try products whose philosophy you can get behind. 

August 11: Uranus goes retrograde until January 10, 2020. When Uranus, the planet of originality and disruption, moves inward (retrograde), the change will affect you more internally vs. externally now. This means you'll need a calming mask.

August 12: Mercury enters Leo. Your mind is focused and ignited by creativity, admiration, and self-importance. Color, products, and floral scents are your go-to for the next week. 

August 14: Sun and Venus. Plan to love yourself proudly and to share that love with everyone else! 

August 15: Full Moon Aquarius. You'll feel intense changes, stemming from a deep need for more stimulation. Change up your beauty routine for something you're more passionate about. 

August 19: Mars enters Virgo. Details motivate you into action. Watch out for being overly critical. Your skin is more sensitive to the food you're eating now. 

August 22: Venus enters Virgo: Clean, streamlined, and natural is how you like your makeup right now. 

August 24: The Sun enters Virgo and it's officially Virgo season, which means it's time to clean up your beauty routine. Make it streamlined, healing and nutrient-rich for your skin. Think pore-shrinking, skin-perfecting products. 

August 30: New Moon in Virgo. This is one of the best New Moon's yet! Expect excitement, more energy, and a willingness to give just as much as we desire to receive. 

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Leo: TLC

Happy Birthday! This month is about celebrating you—pamper yourself with love and admiration so that you don't need it from anyone else. August 7, 8, and especially August 14th are noteworthy days. Mark on your calendar! The Full Moon on August 15 means letting go of that which no longer feels in alignment with who you are. 

Your products: A bronzer with SPF and a coral lip gloss. 

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Virgo: Challenge yourself

Rediscover that inner spunk. Your work this month is to maximize your opportunities by stretching yourself beyond the safety net of what you know. The New Moon in your sign on August 30 is like a personal New Year—celebrate how far you’ve come!

Your product: You prefer things that are clean, nude, and barely-there, like this OPI polish.

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Libra: Selflessness 

You're spiritually and socially-inclined to help others this month. One of your innate gifts is helping those closest to you to find the meaning, direction, and purpose in their life; making this a priority this season gifts you an irrevocable inner peace. Your skin is in need of more moisture. 

Your products: A deeply hydrating mask and rose oil. 

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Scorpio: Accomplishments

Your subconscious feels less threatening this month. Your reputation is getting a big boost and you're being recognized for your talents. Enjoy the spotlight and make sure to wear a good SPF! 

Your product: A shimmery SPF.

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Sagittarius: Passion

Your planet Jupiter wakes up on August 11! This means that you'll feel like your old optimistic self again. This month is focused on travel and rediscovering what you truly believe in—what makes your heartbeat more passionately.

Your product: Try something stimulating and new, like this tool. It cleanses your skin, provides a firming massage, and blends your makeup to match your new state of mind. 

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Capricorn: A new approach

Try to be a little easier on yourself this month. You’re at your best when you are committed to the process of supporting others. Challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone of controlled circumstances and watch how easily positive results manifest. 

Your product: A detoxing and moisturizing mask duo.

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Aquarius: Authenticity

You’re special not only because of your quick wit, but because of how you use your visionary powers to ignite passion in others. The Full Moon in your sign on August 15 is reminding you to be yourself and to share that proudly with those around you.

Your product: OPI’s In the Cable Car–Pool Lane is your shade. This color speaks volumes so that you don’t have to—it’s magnetic, ingenious, intellectual.

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Pisces: Time management

By focusing on creatively managing your time, you are able to move mountains. The New Moon opposite your sign on August 30 magnifies positive results from all the hard work you've been doing. Glowing skin is dependant upon your attention to detail. 

Your product: A pore minimizer.

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Aries: Intuition

Jupiter waking up in like-minded fire sign Sagittarius on August 11 gives you a big boost! This month is about acting on your intuition, cultivating a more rigorous belief in yourself, and diving deeper into a subject. Your skin needs more excitement. 

Your product: An uplifting, hydrating spritzer.

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Taurus: Quality time

Home is where your heart is this month. Plan to spend some time with your loved ones and beautifying your house—this means your beauty routine as well. Spend more time with your skin and treat it like a queen. 

Your product: A boldly-scented candle—one that doubles as a body moisturizer.

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Gemini: Relationships 

Jupiter waking up across from you in Sagittarius on August 11 implies that you are awakening to new and more exciting relationship dynamics. You've grown big time this year and you're ready to share that with others. Your skin is craving something gentle, soft, and magical.

Your products: A glowing mask and a highlighter.

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Cancer: Self-love

You are worth every penny. This month is about spending more time and energy on you. Speak from the heart, act from the heart, play from the heart. The New Moon in Virgo on August 30 gifts you exciting news! 

Your product: A sensual, moisturizing plum lipstick.

You can book readings at and follow her on Instagram for weekly color scopes and astrological updates.

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