ICYMI: Auburn Is Still Fall's Most On-Trend Hair Color



With the arrival of autumn, certain things are inevitable: The leaves will change color, the temperature will drop, and people everywhere will dye their hair some shade of rich, silky auburn. There’s something about this red-brown color that just suits the season. Maybe it’s a tried-and-true trend because it suits all different skin tones, mimics the color of the landscape, or brings luster back to gloomy fall days. Whatever the reason is, it’s back in vogue this year, too.

Take it from Mark MiletiJoico Global Artistic Guest Artist. "Auburn is always a tried-and-true trend tone for fall," he says. "So much so that I find my blondes and brunettes who are color shy to even request warmer highs and lows to be infused in their chosen blonde or brunette. I find it pretty regular… Once the weather gets cooler, the hair color gets warmer." But before you think Been there done that, know that this year auburn is getting updated into a number of new shades. Keep reading to see whether you prefer copper, sun-kissed, plum, or true red auburn.