7 Things You Didn't Know About Taking an At-Home Pregnancy Test



It goes without saying that taking a pregnancy test can be an anxiety-inducing task—regardless of what you hope the results will say. It's a life-altering few moments, alone in your bathroom, when a piece of plastic will decide your fate. And I might add, it's a confusing process. There are tiny, hard-to-read instructions on the package, tons of common mistakes, and a flood of emotion seeping from every pore on your body. There are all kinds of factors to consider, like false positives, the time of day, how much you've peed, the angle at which you hold the test, and even the brand you decided to buy. 

With all of that in mind, we decided to make a list of all our most asked questions—the kinds of inquiries we've never found answers to on the side of the box. We reached out to experts who know what those confusing lines mean, whether or not the test can "go bad" sitting in your bathroom cabinet, and how soon after sex you can take it. So consider us your freak-out-free source for all things at-home pregnancy test. Below, find some much-needed answers (and subsequent solace).