I Put 5 DIY Hair Repair Treatments to the Test


Love and Lemons

If you live in NYC like I do, that beachy summer hair you see in editorials is often but a fantasy. I’ll spend the entire morning putting waves in my hair with my curling iron (albeit panting and sweating through the entire process), decide that it looks decent, and then step outside just to have it ruined. Zooming subways, unbearable heat, and ungodly humidity make my hair look like I just emerged from a forest, and not in a nature-inspired braid sort of way à la Blake Lively.

That’s why I decided to put a few tried-and-true hair masks to the test. I’ve heard so many success stories about other women’s mayo masks or apple cider vinegar rinses and decided to see how they stand up to my pricey department-store buys. The results, I would find, were a bit mixed, a bit smelly, but well worth the experiments. See what worked best below!

Have you ever tried an at-home treatment? Let us know how it worked out in the comments!