This Tiny Device Touts 3000 Spa-Level Body Treatments In One

Bliss, thy name is Tri-Light.

Skin Inc Device

Skin Inc

If there’s one thing everyone beauty lover’s gotten more familiar with in the past year and a half, it’s at-home treatments. As salons, spas, and dermatologists offices the world over shuttered then-indefinitely, home hair dye kits, manicure sets, workout equipment, massage tools, and skincare devices all struggled to stay in stock, flying off digital shelves as people realized it might be a while before things got within striking distance of “normal.”

But it can be difficult to replicate the feeling and results of professional service within the confines of your bathroom—something many of us found out the hard way. The best at-home beauty treatments are those that come compact, neat, and—most crucially—multifunctional. While there are plenty of treatment devices to target facial skin, few have the range to extend that to the body and even fewer do it as well as Skin Inc’s Tri-Light Body Sculpt Fit ($295).

Capable of 3000 (yes, thousand) face and body treatments, the handheld Tri-Light Body Sculpt Fit is a palm-sized puck designed to smooth, contour, and de-stress skin through combined LED light therapies, temperature control, microcurrent, and vibration. Four central modes—Lift, Glow, Smooth, and Detox—work together and individually for targeted, 5-minute body therapies. 

“We needed to find a solution to help busy women on the go,” says Skin Inc CEO Sabrina Tan, explaining that she and the team sifted through the company’s million user-submitted skin profiles and consumer studies to get a clear picture of the needs of their customer base. The end result, the Tri-Light Body Sculpt, essentially simulates a workout which, along with diet and exercise, leads to smoother, tighter skin. 

Skin Inc Device

Skin Inc

How It Works

In Lift Mode—which uses heat, red LED therapy, microcurrent, and micro-vibration—the Tri-Light lets out a few chirps to indicate it’s warming up before starting a five-minute series of pulsations to stimulate lymphatic drainage. "Studies have shown that microcurrent treatment can tighten and smooth the appearance of contours," Tan explains, adding that "along with healthy diet and regular exercise, microcurrents 'work out' the muscles, stimulate collagen, and tighten skin resulting in the appearance of more firm, smooth, contoured and toned skin. Microcurrent [technology] has been around for decades, especially in physical therapy, so it is very safe, effective, and targeted."

Meanwhile, the red LED light, which activates collagen-producing fibroblast cells (those cells are the ones that assist wound-healing, too), helps reduce the appearance of fine lines over time. Finally, the warming sensation is calibrated to 108 degrees to boost the metabolism. Glow Mode, built around the power of green LED lighting, is designed to even out skin tone while the electrically stimulating microcurrent and micro-vibration continue to facilitate lymphatic drainage. Green LED light is primarily an anti-inflammatory, used by derms and estheticians to reduce hyperpigmentation and general dullness as well as lessen the pigment in some stretch marks.

To treat all-over acne, switch over to Smooth Mode. Blue LED is a common acne treatment for the way the rays kill acne-causing bacteria through producing more oxygen radicals—and here, it teams up with red LED to fight inflammation and smooth out existing zits, no matter where they are on the body. It's worth noting that Skin Inc touts this mode as being effective for body acne, including acne that crops up on butts. This is something I'm dealing with on and off while working out in the sweaty summer months but a one-two punch of a chemically exfoliating body wash and a nightly session with the Tri-Light and it's virtually nonexistent now.

Finally, Warm Mode heats, soothes, and relaxes muscles for pre-and post-workout prep and recovery. This is where the spa factor really comes into play, with the device even doubling as a Japanese hot stone massage simulator—that's even what inspired this functionality, according to Tan.

How To Use It

Just as every mode on the device uses different currents, lights, and temperatures to tease out results, a slightly different method of application is required for each treatment. If you've ever used a microcurrent device before, you're definitely familiar with the upwards and outwards sweeping gesture prescribed for maximum effect. This is nearly the same thing, just tweaked for different body parts. In the packaged instruction booklet, diagrams depict the exact motion needed for everything from cellulite treatment to butt acne reduction.

It's also the sort of thing that becomes muscle memory almost immediately—which is why I can often be spotted microcurrent-ing my jawline in traffic on the West Side Highway. Like most (if not all) microcurrent-capable devices, this requires a partnered Body Sculpt Fit Serum ($52) to activate and facilitate the current's movement. But as an added bonus, the serum—formulated with licorice, vitamin C, and caffeine—is refreshingly hydrating.

My Review

While the light-boosted radiance and anti-inflammatory effects were almost immediate (it's psychosomatic, but I could practically feel a large zit shrinking under the warm titanium plate), it does take longer to see the body firming and contouring results. According to Tan, the observable results vary both by the individual, how you use the device, and how frequently. That said, Tan gives a general 28-day range for Glow and Lift mode results and 3-5 days for Smooth's anti-acne benefits. Meanwhile, the soothing effects of Warm are, of course, immediate.

Though the Tri-Light certainly isn't inexpensive, the convenience of having a toning head-to-toe microcurrent, acne-fighting light, and utterly relaxing warming massage all in one disk roughly the size of a powder compact is wildly convenient, especially for traveling. Even if it were just a contouring treatment or just a massager, or just an acne treatment, there'd be a real argument for saving it a place in your medicine cabinet. But all of them combined? It's practically worthy of its own trophy case.

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