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Tattoos can say a lot about you. From sentimental tattoos to aesthetically pleasing designs, tattoos are simply another way to express who you are. A great way to truly customize a tattoo is by getting an astrology design. Considering your zodiac sign helps you understand your traits and interests, astrology tattoos are a great way to feel in-tune with yourself and with the ink.

A lot of times, though, zodiac tattoos can be based on designs that a lot of other people love. In order to be sure that you feel fully connected to your tattoo, it’s important you take the time to look into your zodiac sign, its symbols, and any other associated designs.

Scroll on for tattoo ideas based on your astrological sign—don’t worry, there are multiple designs for each.

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Aries Geometric Ram Tattoo

Just because Aries is the ram doesn't mean your tattoo has to be complicated. Consider getting a minimalistic geometric tattoo that breaks the idea of the ram down to basic shapes. The thick lines and dots at the end of the horns give this otherwise basic tattoo a sense of design.

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Aries Constellation Tattoo

A good go-to for astrological tattoos is getting the actual constellation. Here, the Aries design adds a bit of whimsy and originality with its inclusion of stars, planets, and the Aries sign itself.

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Aries Symbol Tattoo

If you're looking to get a truly minimalist tattoo that gets across that you're an Aries (but doesn't punch you in the face design-wise), try getting the basic symbol tattooed. This specific tattoo has a very delicate feel due to its thin lines, and the near-the-collarbone placement makes it feel slightly intimate.

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Taurus Bull Tattoo

Taurus is represented by a bull, so why not get that exact symbol tattooed? This ink has a basic line-art design, but the inclusion of details like eyelashes, the whimsical surrounding design, and the realistic face shape gives this design a detailed feel while still maintaining an air of simplicity.

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Taurus Geometric Tattoo

If you'd rather keep your Taurus tattoo simple, try breaking it down into a geometric design. This one is very simple, but the basic lines seem to taper off in some places, which gives the ink an almost hand-drawn feel. It's placement behind the ear also makes it a very personal tattoo.

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Taurus Floral Tattoo

A Taurus is very grounded, but sometimes you want a bit of whimsy. This bull tattoo combines the astrology with the design aspect. The one side of the bull's head that's a simple outline stands in strong contrast to the side with a floral design, but the two halves almost come together to show the different elements and the true complexity of a Taurus.

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Gemini Snake Tattoo

Twins tend to symbolize Gemini, but any figure or pair with two identical elements can be used to represent the zodiac sign. Here, the artist uses a snake with two heads and adds constellation-related designs like stars and moons to relate the animal back to astrology.

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Gemini Angel And Devil Tattoo

A typical stereotype of Geminis is that they are "two-faced"—in other words, they've got a good side and a bad side. This tattoo plays off of that idea by showing a pair of twins that are identical except for their hair and their head accessories. Just like the idea of having angels and devils on your shoulder, some people think Geminis are both at once!

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Gemini Faces Tattoo

Another take on the "two-faced" idea of Geminis, this design uses overlapping lines to give the tattoo a sketch-line effect. The two faces also look different ways in an effort to relate back to how each "side" of a Gemini can sometimes vary in personality.

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Cancer Symbol Tattoo

Sometimes getting the small symbol of your zodiac sign can be enough. This Cancer tattoo utilizes the small minimalist mark as the base of the design, but it also adds space elements like the moon and a star to tie it in with astrology. The tapering lines also make the design feel extremely delicate and gives it an almost weightless feel.

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Cancer Crab Tattoo

The crab is the symbol of Cancer, and crab tattoos can easily be customized to your color, style, and size preferences. Here, the artist utilizes thin line-art to create the basic outline of the animal. What's unique about this tattoo, though, is that some lines overlap while others maintain their own space, which gives it a hand-drawn effect.

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Cancer Constellation Tattoo

Constellation tattoos are the white t-shirt of the zodiac sign tattoos: they're a basic, but they're beautiful nonetheless. The artist keeps this Cancer design very basic, using small dots as the connection and using little "x" marks to show the placement of the stars.

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Leo Geometric Lion Tattoo

Leos are (proudly) represented by the lion, and this animal design is fit for a king. The geometric-esque line art creates the base of the lion, but the lines themselves overlap and collide. This makes it feel as though the tattoo was created without the artist ever picking up their gun. The additional dots also give it a bit of detail without distracting from the bold outlines.

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Leo Symbol Tattoo

Customize your small Leo symbol tattoo a bit by adding a circular border around the design. This tattoo also adds stars and dots to the border to give it more of a whimsical design than a geometric one.

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Leo Constellation Tattoo

Want the look of a constellation tattoo without the basic element? This design takes the idea of a constellation and jazzes it up a bit with abstract elements. Instead of using small markers to represent the stars, the artist uses outline-only explosion-like symbols that all connect.

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Virgo Symbol Tattoo

If you want a larger design that incorporates your zodiac symbol without making it the whole tattoo, consider something like this Virgo one. The biggest aspect of the design is the flower, which immediately catches your eye. However, the Virgo symbol is centered underneath the focal point in order to lead your eye directly to it.

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Virgo Maiden Tattoo

Because Virgo is symbolized by a maiden, there are a lot of variations of women that could easily represent astrology. This tattoo uses a mixture of different black ink techniques, including varying line thickness and heavy shading. While the woman is extremely detailed, it's easy for the eye to instantly find the Virgo symbol and its connection to the zodiac.

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Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Perhaps the daintiest of all the constellation tattoos featured, this constellation tattoo is created using an extremely thin outline to make it feel very small and delicate. The spaces for stars are replaced by small circle and star outlines, and the connections are created using a minimal number of dashed lines. Overall, this design feels very intimate and minimalist, but not basic by any means.

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Libra Scale Tattoo

Libra is symbolized by the scales, which represent balance and harmony. This scale tattoo also incorporates florals to give it a more feminine feel. The thin outlines and dotted shading give a very clean and crisp look to the tattoo.

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Libra Constellation Tattoo

Who says constellation tattoos have to be boring? This design utilizes small, doodle-like details to give the tattoo a sense of customization and whimsy. A combination of dots, stars, and hearts make up this tattoo, and it features the small, minimalist symbol that represents the sign to tie the constellation back to astrology.

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Libra Minimal Tattoo

If you want to keep your tattoo as minimal as possible, this is the perfect design. By drawing the Libra constellation using only thin lines, the design highlights the scale shape of the star sign while remaining delicate and without being clogged with much detail.

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Scorpio Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpions are the symbols of Scorpio, so they make great zodiac tattoos without being too in-your-face about being astrology-related. This tattoo utilizes both red and black ink to create a stark contrast between the flower and the animal. The otherwise simple black line art keeps the focus on the design, rather than the detail.

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Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

Another good idea is to get a simple constellation tattoo. The artist dressed this design up with the details. The dots of varying sizes and opacity make the tattoo's shape immediately recognizable as a star sign, but they also add a bit of unique detail to the classic design.

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Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

Sometimes the best tattoos are the simplest; this design is just a simple, bold depiction of the Scorpio symbol. The boldness and size of the symbol makes it stand out, though the lack of any other adornment or details makes it feel classic and effortless.

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Sagittarius Constellation TAttoo

Another way to dress up the basic constellation tattoo is to add some florals to the design. Here, the artist uses a thin outline for every element of the design so that no aspect overpowers another. This means that while the Sagittarius design is front and center, the florals get just as much attention.

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Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo

Due to Sagittarius being represented by the archer, any bow-and-arrow imagery can be used in an astrological design. This arrow has a simple base design, but the shading and linework details give it a bit of charm.

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Sagittarius Snake And Crossbow Tattoo

While this is another archer-based design, the tattoo adds much more detail. Based around the crossbow, the artist uses a snake in place of an arrow to customize the symbol to the person being tattooed. Being completely made out of dots also gives the design a unique and complicated look.

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Capricorn Woman Tattoo

Capricorns are represented by the horned goat, and astrology is inherently at least a little bit like necromancy, so what better way to combine the two elements than a witch with horns? The artist uses black outlines to create the basic shapes in the design, as well as to add detail to the face and the hair. The shading is done with dots so as not to overwhelm the already crowded design.

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Capricorn Symbol Tattoo

If you're a type-A Capricorn and want to get a simple, minimal tattoo to show your pride, try getting the zodiac symbol tattooed somewhere small. Here, the design is done on the top of the finger and made out of only one thin line, making it visible but keeping it dainty.

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Capricorn Goat Tattoo

As the representation for Capricorn, the goat makes a great tattoo option for someone who wants something unique and customizable. This goat has a basic black outline that's full of detailed lines. Crosshatch patterns are used for the shading to give the goat's coat a bit of texture as well.

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Aquarius Water Bearer Tattoo

Aquarius is Latin for "water carrier," so it's no wonder the sign is represented by a water bearer. This tattoo uses a small water bearer that's chock-full of small dot details to make it seem like realistic pottery. This design also cleverly uses the Aquarius symbol as the water pouring out of the bearer, incorporating astrology even more.

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Aquarius Water Bearer Tattoo 2

This design again utilizes the water bearer image, but the simplistic use of thick black outlines make the design feel cleaner and more whimsical than realistic. The water is also aided by the line details, as they make the waves seem as if they're in motion.

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Aquarius Wave Tattoo

If you'd rather keep your Aquarius tattoo sweet and simple, a great way to make it more unique than the basic zodiac symbol is to tie it to the water moving overtly. Here, the design takes the base structure of the Aquarius symbol and turns it into waves, connecting it more obviously to the theme of water.

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Pisces Symbol Tattoo

A simple way to dress up a basic Pisces symbol tattoo is to add dots! This design features three dots on both the top and bottom of the symbol, giving it a sense of balance but still dressing up an otherwise basic tattoo.

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Pisces Fish And Symbol Tattoo

Pisces is represented by a pair of fish, as well as its basic symbol. Both are pictured in this tattoo, though the fish are the main focus of the design. While the artist sticks with black ink for the whole image, the intense shading, dot additions, and small details make the design feel unique and like a labor of love.

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Pisces Fish Tattoo

Because there are no real rules for how the fish have to be laid out, this representation of the Pisces symbol arranges the animals in a way reminiscent of Yin and Yang. The color also adds a bit of whimsy and a watercolor feel to the overall design.

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