ASOS Will Launch Its Own Makeup Line, and Every Product Is Less Than $20



In today's beauty world, words like "representation" and "diversity" are discussed, but rarely demonstrated. Overall, the majority of big brand makeup and skincare ads depict young caucasian women, which is obviously quite narrow and exclusive. And make no mistake, the lack of inclusiveness has real-world effects. Focusing only on the white, young, and female subconsciously sends a false message to society about "ideal" beauty standards. (Not that anyone needs proof of this, but just look at how many brands lack makeup shades that are complementary to darker skin tones). 

H&M was the latest brand to challenge these unfair and inaccurate standards with a diverse new beauty campaign. That is, until now. According to Glamour, ASOS, the online British retailer, has just rebranded its entire beauty section and launched new makeup products that are truly meant for anyone and everyone. Keep scrolling to see the amazing new campaign photos (and get majorly inspired along the way)!

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