21 Secret Hairstyling Ideas For When You Only Have 5 Minutes

Updated 01/27/18

ASOS is truly addictive, it's one of those websites where you can get lost down a rabbit hole of velvet shoes and embroidered everything. It's also the place I go when I need hair inspiration. Seriously. The hair accessories pages are filled with clever styling ideas that will elevate your hair from meh to amazing. Whether you just need to detract from your dark circles on a Monday morning, fix a bad hair day mid-week or want to try a new look come Saturday, there are tonnes of hairstyling tricks to try.

And what's more, a lot of the hair accessories you probably already own, from kirby grips (although we know they tend to go AWOL) to snag-free bands. Keep scrolling for 21 clever hairstyling ideas to try this week…


The BHD Fixer

Having a bad hair day (BHD)? Keep dry shampoo and a turban-style headband to hand.


The Looped Ponytail

A quick loop of your ponytail secured with a bow or piece of ribbon will elevate your look.


The Half-Up 'Do

Not only is this a super quick way to style your hair, for anyone with fine hair this helps fake extra volume and thickness.

Blax 4mm Ponytail Holders (£7)


The Claw Trick

You know those hair claws that no one has really used for years? Well, they're making a comeback. Not only do they look surprisingly cool right now, but they make light work of pinning up your hair. 


The Bubble Pigtails

Bubble ponytails are super '90s and we kinda love them. All you need are some hair elastics. Secure down the length of your ponytails with the elastics, then use your fingers to gently pull your hair to manipulate the bubble shape. 


The Down Updo

If you're not one to wear your hair up but want to experiment with hair accessories, take two small sections and pin with a small clip.



The Banana Clip

Just like claws, banana clips are making a comeback… Remember them? Keep them on your desk for when you need your hair out of your face.

ASOS Basics Banana Clip (£4)


The Kirby Trick

Use your utilitarian-looking kirby grips to make a statement. Take a couple and use them to secure a side-swept parting.


The Bubble Tail

Popbands are a gym bag staple, but these dent-free hair elastics look pretty cool secured down the length of your ponytail. Use different colours, but keep them within the same shade family.


The '90s Double Bun

Sure this isn't office-appropriate, but worn at weekends, the '90s double bun looks super cute. Secure with ASOS Pack of 4 Black Jelly Coil Hair Ties (£4) for added interest.


The Quick Chignon

Another use for those old-school claw clips, this time use it to secure your hair into a chignon for an easy and quick work-appropriate hairstyle.



The Scrunchie Hun

Having a chilled weekend at home? There are few hairstyles easier than a hun secured with a scrunchie


The Braided 'Bangs'

Got a little more time on your hands? Try this braided 'bangs' look, then secure with a decorative clip.

Monki Disc Hair Clip (£5)


The Easy Detail

When it comes to hair accessories, don't overthink it. 



The Double Barrette

Double up on your barrettes to add extra interest to a simple half-up 'do.


The Clip Trick

Make a feature by layering up two or more small hair clips into a cluster.


The Half-Up Loop

A decorative hair elastic is an easy way to make a feature of a simple looped ponytail. 


The Hidden Headband

A chic and simple headband is the easiest way to accessorise your hair. 


The Bun Cuff


The Lob Update

Think you can't do much with your lob? Think again. We're obsessed with the simplicity and effectiveness of this styling trick.


The Unexpected Barrette

Use a barrette at the front of your hair for an easy style update, that will detract from day- (or two-day-) old hair.

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