Ashley Tisdale's Prized Product

The first Scary Movie came out thirteen years ago. It starred the Wayans brothers, Anna Faris, and the girl from American Pie. This weekend, the fifth sequel makes its star-studded debut: Heather Locklear represents the ‘80s, Simon Rex offers ‘90s nostalgia, and Ashley Tisdale proudly fronts the aughts. In celebration of the parody, we asked Tisdale to spill the beans on her favorite beauty product.

“I think I came across Kerastase's Serum Oleo-Relax ($40) at a salon maybe seven years ago--I’ve been using it for years! My hair’s super dry from being dyed so many shades of blonde, not to mention brunette, and bleached and styled. And I’m not great with oils (putting MoroccanOil on my hair actually made my face break out), but this has the same effect without affecting my skin. I put it on when I get out of the shower and let it air dry. No matter what climate I’m in--dry desert heat, humidity--the serum tames my hair so it’s not nearly as frizzy as it would be otherwise. I actually like that it doesn’t have a smell, and since I have such thick hair I can really pile it on. Someone with straight, thin hair should probably only use a tiny bit.”