How a Tomboy Model Does Beauty

At first glance, Ashley Smith might seem like one of the boys—the golden-haired model surfs a mean wave and spent most of her pre-modeling days hanging at the local Austin skate park—but a quick scroll through her portfolio proves that she also embodies “bombshell” in every sense (remember that one spread she did for Sports Illustrated?). In other words, she’s the girl next door who also happens to have perfect genes—and her beauty secrets need to be discussed ASAP.

With this goal in mind, we caught up with the RVCA ambassador and asked for the secret to her signature beach-babe beauty look—from her hair saviors to the sunscreen that doesn’t clog her (nonexistent) pores. Lucky for us, Smith had plenty to share (not least of which includes her habit of swishing coconut oil around in her mouth).

Keep scrolling to find out Ashley Smith’s entire beauty routine!