Ashley Benson's Braided Updo Is a Must-See

Ashley Benson is without a doubt one of our most esteemed beauty muses. Ever the purveyor of effortless cool-girl beauty, she manages to pull off that rocker-chic vibe we try to carelessly throw together every morning (and by "carelessly throw together," we really mean spend a great deal of time on). 

Last night, at a party for her Ocean Drive magazine cover, Benson channeled the beachy glossy's Miami semblance with messy-on-purpose Dutch braids on either side of her head, pulled back into the most swoon-worthy updo. 


Hairstylist Kylee Heath created a total masterpiece from all angles, pulling apart the braids to give them more volume, texture, and those raw pieces that stick out in just the right places. If this look had been done tightly without a single hair out of place, we're not sure we would love it nearly as much.

To create your own beach braids, spritz on appropriately named Mermaid Hair Shine Spray ($28) to give your strands a little extra texture and oomph.

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