24 Ash-Blonde Hair Ideas You'll Want to Copy

Ash Blonde Hair

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As of late, we've been noticing a pattern all over our social media feeds: Blonde hair is going from warmer tones to much cooler ones. Our favorite celebrities have caught on, and we've been seeing it all over the red carpet and in paparazzi shots, too. We're not going to lie—we're really loving it. The trend is ash-blonde hair, and we have a strong hunch it's here to stay.

All hair color falls on a spectrum—on one end you have warm, on the other, you have ash, with neutral falling in the middle. "Ash blonde hair is blonde hair that falls on the cooler side of the spectrum, with hints of blue, gray, green and violet tones," says Laura Estroff at Cut loose Salon in Brooklyn.

Not to deter you, but something to keep in mind with ash-blonde is that if it's not done properly, the cool shade can wash you out completely. Victoria Hunter at Whittemore Salon also says that when it comes to this hair color, most of the time, people come in requesting ash but just don't want to see any red or orange tones in their hair.

Both experts note this is why consultations are so important—it's a chance to decide what you really want, and a professional can help you determine what suits you best. Ash-blonde is all about balancing cool blonde hues with your natural undertones and sometimes, Hunter says, it comes down to the fact that you'd be better suited to a sunny, creamy blonde or a honey blonde instead.

Bring in reference photos. Visuals are helpful when looking to change up hair color, especially when it comes to this shade. But, do remember that photos should only be used as inspiration. "Everyone is different, and everything looks different in a photo. I often tell my clients to bring in pictures of what they do not like, as well as photos of inspiration," Estroff says. "Sometimes what people do not want can be more insightful than what they think they want but are unsure."

Another thing to consider before going ash blonde is your hair texture and base color. If someone has a naturally darker base, frail or thin hair, or extremely dry or brittle hair, going ash blonde might be more difficult. "Lightening your hair can be somewhat taxing and isn’t always advisable," she says.

We're not exactly painting this color out to be a breeze— and it's not to discourage you from going down the ash-blonde route (Heck we're ash-blonde right now!) or any other cool statement shade, either. It's just important to know what you're getting into first.

If you're looking to try out ash blonde, we've rounded up some celeb hair inspiration and more details about this cool color below, including a patented protective hair dye you'll want to learn more about. Keep scrolling to see the different types of ash-blonde your favorite celebrities have sported, and learn more about the dyeing process, upkeep and what you can expect from this unique shade.

Ash Blonde Hair

Choosing a Shade: If you're not sure which shade to go for, your stylist will be happy to lend their expert opinion. People that have a pale complexion with a peachy undertone can pull off ash without it washing them out.

Maintenance Level: Some blonde hair techniques are typically high-maintenance, and it's generally said to be a commitment no matter what. Plus, three months is the max amount of time you can wait in between a touch-up. However, there are still many blonding techniques that won't require frequent salon visits.

Goes Great With: Cool undertones

Similar Shades: Looking for something warmer but equally as fun? Try mushroom blonde or toasted marshmallow for a change.

Price: A full head of highlights usually starts at $150 but depends on the salon.

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Icy Ash

Beyonce wears mid-length ash blonde curled hair

Getty Images

Ash-blonde is often described as icy blonde, and it's cooler in tone. If Beyoncé is anything to go by (which, duh!), ashy undertones tend to look exceptional with bright, glowing skin. Colorist Sarah Klein at Nine Zero One Salon, who has worked with a bevy of celebrity clients, echoes what Estroff says above—that ash-blonde tends to reflect more blue and gray hues than a traditional or warmer blonde.

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All-Over Ash

This is an even cooler, almost gray version of ash-blonde that borders on mushroom. Her grey top and silver jewelry are a great statement that complements her hair well.

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Platinum Ash

Woman with platinum ashy blonde hair with bangs


In order to get an ashy blonde, your colorist must lift your hair past any orange/yellow tones, as much as possible. Ideally, lifting to at least pale yellow is best. Here, we get a beautiful platinum/ash look, with roots as bright as the rest of her color.

Lifting to a platinum shade can cause strands to feel extra dry. To restore moisture, use a weekly conditioning treatment to keep hair silky and strong.

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Ash Blonde Undertones

Jennifer Lawrence wears medium-length ash blonde hair with center part

Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence has an ultra-cool blonde color with slight ash-blonde undertones. It's almost icy at first glance, but not quite there yet.

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Toned Balayage

Ciara wears long, curled hair with an ash blonde balayage

Getty Images

As for toning, you’ll need neutrals and cools that cancel out whatever color the hair lifted to. For instance, if you have yellow tones, you need to put in violet to cancel it out, Klein says.

When toning ashy blondes, Klein mentioned adding gold into the toner so the hair stays bright and reflective. It's easy to make the hair dull when toning to this color, so additional bright golden highlights definitely help keep things balanced.

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Old Hollywood White Blonde

Julianne Hoough wears cool-toned light blonde hair side-swept with side part

Getty Images

Julianne Hough's blonde is icy cool, with only a little bit of ashiness toward her roots. She also has a bit of warmth near the front, which helps add a bit of extra dimension.

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Rooted Blonde

Soo Joo Park wears platinum ash blonde hair with curtain bangs

Getty Images

Whatever the base color, ash-blonde works best when lifting to a level that is tonable, Klien says. When lightening a natural brunette, like model Soo Joo, to her now well-known near platinum shade, Klein says it's important to make sure you're protecting the integrity of the hair and not over-processing it.

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Gray-to-Ash Highlights

Woman with gray-toned ash blonde balayage hair with dark roots


Sometimes going this light can be damaging—which is why the Whittemore House Salon created a protective developer called Liquid Cashmere ($12), made from nourishing oils. Hunter says clients end up shocked at how silky and smooth their hair is even after being color-processed.

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Buttery Ash

Olivia Holt wears tousled light ash blonde hair


Olivia Holt gets her icy ash color done by Redken ambassador Matt Rez. Her textured lob looks so great in this cool tone. We're seriously in love.

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Warm Ash

Pom Klementieff wears a warm ash blonde long bob

Getty Images

French actress Pom Klementieff's hair is usually more silver-toned, but we're in awe over this slightly warmer ash hue on her.

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Neutral Ash

Taylor Swift wears a dirty ash blonde bob with bangs

Getty Images

Back in 2016, Taylor Swift rocked a fantastic neutral ash-blonde shag. The tones of her hair perfectly complement her features.

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Light Blonde Base

Dakota Fanning wears light ash blonde wavy long hair and dewy makeup

Getty Images

Klein notes that having a light blonde base, like Dakota Fanning's softer blonde shade, is best suited to this hue. That way, she says the overall tone stays consistent over time, both when lightening the hair and in between services.

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Dark Roots

Woman with ash blonde hair with darker roots


This cool-toned color features natural roots that balance out bright blonde tips. Hunter is a fan of this kind of soft, seamless style, noting that darker roots give the hair more depth around the face. Plus, she says it's nice to always make the ends very light so they don't "feel drab,"

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Subtle Ash

Cara Delevingne wears subtle ash blonde hair with dark blonde roots

Getty Images

Model Cara Delevingne is one of our modern blonde icons. We think this cooler ash style with shadowed roots suits her complexion and blue eyes amazingly.

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Textured Ash

Music artist Marissa wears a curly ash blonde bob


We're big fans of this darker ashier tone with edgy visible roots. It's all kinds of smoky perfection.

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Natural Ash

Kirsten Dunst wears ash blonde highlighted hair in an updo

Getty Images

Moving through a few versions of bright to dark blonde over the years, Dunst has always kept to a relatively neutral ash blonde tone. With the exception of a few subtle face-framing highlights on this slicked back pony, she is usually one of the first we think of when picturing ash-blonde.

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Muted Ash Blonde

Tyra Banks wears long, straight, gray-toned ash blonde hair

Getty Images

Go the muted route with an all ash-blonde look featuring cool lowlights that bring out the ashiness of the lighter blonde.

If you feel like you'd be too washed out with this color, talk to your stylist about adding lowlights, which can help bring back a bit of the warmth an ash tone purposely lacks. Always consider what will look best for you, which can sometimes include a warmer undertone.

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Cool-Toned Curls

Woman with natural curls featuring ash blonde highlights


One of the most low-maintenance ways to try ash blonde is by integrating the tone as highlights amidst your natural color. We love how the addition of a brighter shade here works to further emphasize those beautiful, defined curls.

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Face-Framing Highlgihts

Woman with face-framing ash blonde highlights


A few face-framing ash blonde highlights add a touch of brightness to brunette strands. When it comes to this style, purple shampoo is a must, as it keeps hair from turning brassy.

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Bright Ash Blonde

Lucy Boynton wears a bright ash blonde bob in a half-up style and graphic liner

Getty Images

There's a pretty platinum undertone to Lucy Boynton's look that manages to brighten up a regularly cool ash hue. It's a lived-in look we love.

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Blended Ash

Woman with curled ash blonde hair


Ash blonde doesn't have to be one tone—in fact, it looks even better blended with highlights.

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Lived-In Ash Blonde

Samara Weaving wears a shoulder-length ash blonde blowout

Getty Images

If you're looking for a masterclass in ash blonde, just turn to Halley Brisker, who's worked with the likes of Samara Weaving (above) and Elle Fanning. She's created a few incredible ash-blonde colors that are both cool-toned and easy.

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Sophie Turner wears wavy ash-blonde balayage hair


Sophie Turner's hair, courtesy of Sonia Dove using Wella Hair, is a glamorous blend of wheat and ash tones. If you're looking for something a little brighter, talk to your stylist beforehand and bring in a photo to show them what you like and don't about a color. Communication is key here.

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Grunge Ash Blonde

Woman with ash blonde hair


We'll say it: ash blonde hair can be relatively edgy. It's also a bit grunge when you go all out like the look pictured here.

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