This Agency Helps You Explore Places Like Morocco and Japan Through a Beauty Lens

around the world beauty

 Around the World Beauty Tour

We all look for beauty inspiration in different mediums. Whether it’s by reading a magazine, scrolling through Instagram feeds, or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, today the possibilities are infinite. But for makeup artist Stephanie Flor, beauty goes beyond surfing the internet. Instead, she looks for inspiration by traveling directly to where the source of the most popular ingredients and beauty rituals are from—a concept that led her to launch her own travel agency called Around The World Beauty.

What Is Around the World Beauty?

The agency is dedicated to organizing guided tours in different locations focused in all things beauty. It welcomes its attendees to explore the beauty rituals practiced by women in various cultures around the world. “The journey kind of started with the curiosity of finding out who I was,” explains Flor, whose clients include Mariah Carey and Dasha Polanco. The first ATWB destination was at Ecuador, where part of her Latina roots are from. “I wanted to go to the Amazon, which is where I’ve been inspired about beauty from the start.”

Since then, ATWB has organized tours in different countries like India, Japan, New York City, and, their most popular one, Morocco. “From the minute that they arrive to the minute they leave, we’ve curated an experience through research and connections that we have to show an authentic experience of what beauty actually is in [these countries],” says Flor, when we ask her about what to expect from each tour. Launching one destination every year (Peru and Mexico are next), the journey not only includes trying out different beauty treatments, but also covers the history behind these ancient traditions. “Every day is curated in a way where there’s a different beauty topic,” she explains. “Beauty is religion, food, fashion, spirituality.” 

AWTB Beauty Tours
 Around the World Beauty Tours 

What Do You Do on a ATWB Tour?

For example, in the Morocco tour, travelers experience a day at the Hamman, a traditional bathhouse that Moroccans go to cleanse and relax. There, the experts share the history behind this tradition and tour attendees get to experience the full ritual, which includes a black olive soap, rhassoul mineral mud, and orange blossom cleanse. In the majority of the tours, attendees also get to experience a guided tour through the markets and shops, where they get to learn about trends and popular ingredients while being able to shop for local products.

With a mission of empowering local communities and to immerse curious travelers into these cultures in an authentic way, ATWB partners with local cooperatives and hires female guides to share a firsthand look into the beauty traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. “We understand that travel is so much better when you invest your money in something good and you’re elevating the people [in the community] as well as you’re elevating yourself,” Flor explains.

Around the World Beauty Tours
 Around the World Beauty Tours 

Traveling can be a life changing experience, no matter which destination you choose to visit. If you’re a beauty junkie (like us!), it could be an opportunity of finding out about the history behind your favorite ingredients and give a new meaning to your beauty routine. That’s where ATWB tours come in. With its one-of-a-kind, beauty-focused experiences in different destinations, it’s the perfect opportunity to look into what beauty means to you beyond just taking a pretty Instagram photo. And to Flor, the biggest takeaway from these experiences, besides learning about these cultures, are the relationships and connections that you make from the tours. “You make a family if you travel with us,” she assured.

If you’re ready to pack your bags (we already did!) and book one of their next destinations this year—Morocco in September and Japan in November—you can do so through their We Travel profile here. If you can’t bite the bullet just yet but still want a little taste of the experience, Flor is soon launching an ATWB box in partnership with the Argan Cooperative from Morocco. In this box you’ll receive the signature products that people at the Morocco tours receive when they visit. “The proceeds [of the beauty box] will go to making the tour of the cooperative available to whoever travels to Morocco, not only to the people who books a tour with [ATWB],” says Flor.

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