Armoire vs. Rent the Runway: Which Clothing Rental Service Is the Perfect Fit?

Both companies give you the chance to refresh your wardrobe every month.

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Rent the Runway vs Armoir

Rent the Runway

If you’re looking for ways to keep your wardrobe consistently fresh without making permanent additions to your closet, it might be time to consider a clothing rental service. Whether you’d like to try a new style, borrow a garment for a special occasion, discover new brands, or stay on trend without going on a spending spree, these services are a great alternative to making the commitments that come with purchasing new garments. And when it comes to the most popular options, Armoire and Rent the Runway tend to top the list.

 With an extensive range of styles from high-end brands, Armoire and Rent the Runway are favored for quality and value. And while both share several similarities, there are also some notable differences—styling service, one-time rentals—that are important to keep in mind. To help you decide if Armoire or Rent the Runway is the right fit, we’ve compared the two companies along with a few other clothing rental services to help you find the option that best suits your needs.

About Armoire

Offering both clothing rentals and personal styling, Armoire is a one-stop shop for two desirable services. After completing a style quiz, the company’s algorithm will pull together a “closet” of items that suit your aesthetic and body type from contemporary brands like Rag & Bone, Paige, and Diane von Furstenberg. Suggestions can be filtered based on the type of garment, weather, and occasion, making it easy to select clothing based on your needs. Prefer a more personal touch? Membership also includes one-on-one virtual consultations with a living, breathing stylist for a more curated approach.

There are three monthly subscription plans to choose from that start from $79 per month; each plan includes four to seven items per shipment or six garments in each box with unlimited deliveries. All membership tiers get access to Armoire’s entire inventory, free shipping, and dry cleaning, and can be paused at any time. The company also offers a flexible return period, allowing you to hold onto items until your next delivery arrives. Plus, if you end up falling in love with an item, there’s an option to purchase it, with a 20 percent discount to boot.

armoire products
Armoire Rentals $79.00–$249.00

About Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway offers more than 750 contemporary brands and designer labels, such as Reformation, Monse, Proenza Schouler, and Oscar de la Renta. The company frequently adds to its inventory, staying up to date on current trends, and caters to fashion-forward women. 

Monthly subscriptions start from $94 per month with five items per shipment, but the base plan only grants access to the company’s “core closet,” where items have a retail value of up to $350. But if you opt for the 10-, 15-, or 20-item plans, where you’ll receive multiple shipments every month, you’ll be able to choose garments and accessories from Rent the Runway’s entire inventory, including formal wear that boasts a retail value as much as $3,500.

As a member, you’ll receive perks such as free shipping, complimentary cleaning, and access to exclusive sales and members-only pricing on purchases. Rent the Runway also has a flexible return policy, allowing you to hold onto items for as long as you’d like, plus the ability to pause or cancel your subscription at any time. But for those who only need rentals for special occasions, the company also offers one-time, four- or eight-day rentals that start from $30.

rent the runway products
Rent the Runway Rentals $94.00–$193.00

Armoire vs. Rent the Runway: How Do They Compare?


  • Base price: $79/month ($69 for the first month)
  • Free shipping? Yes
  • Size range: 0–24W and maternity
  • Rental period: Flexible
  • Delivery frequency: 1 or unlimited shipments per month
  • Items per shipment: 4–6
  • Option to buy? Yes

Rent the Runway

  • Base price: $94/month ($69 for the first month)
  • Free shipping? Yes
  • Size range: 0–22 and maternity
  • Rental period: Flexible for members; 4 or 8 days for one-time rentals
  • Delivery frequency: 1–3 shipments per month
  • Items per shipment: 5
  • Option to buy? Yes

Products & Pricing


armoire clothing
Armoire 4-Item Plan $79.00
  • 4-Item Plan: $79 per month; new members get $10 off their first month
  • 7-Item Plan: $119 per month; new members get $30 off their first month
  • Unlimited Plan: $249 per month; new members get $110 off their first month

Rent the Runway

rent the runway clothing
Rent the Runway 5-Item Plan $94.00
  • 5-Item Plan: $94 per month; new members get $25 off their first month
  • 10-Item Plan: $144 per month; new members get $45 off their first two months
  • 15-Item Plan: $193 per month; new members get $54 off their first two months
  • 20-Item Plan: $235 per month; new members get $66 off their first two months

Armoire Customer Reviews

Overall, customers seem to have a positive experience with Armoire. Many of them praise the company’s variety of garments, extensive selection of brands, and fast shipping. Others enjoy the ability to receive new clothes on a frequent basis and try new styles without having to commit to a purchase. Many also value the personal styling services that come with their monthly subscription. Several reviewers also make note of the flexible return policy, particularly referencing the ability to hold onto a beloved item for as long as they’d like.

While many customers found Armoire’s customer service to be prompt and friendly, others quote less than desirable interactions due to either slow responses or unexpected charges following exchanges with a team member. And like many other clothing rental services, some reviewers also note that garments can occasionally look overworn and the availability of some pieces seems to be limited.

Rent the Runway Customer Reviews

Rent the Runway customers rave about the company’s inventory of high-quality, designer brands. Many of the content reviewers have used the service for weddings and say that they’ve consistently received beautiful dresses that are perfectly suited for such special occasions. They also appreciate that the website offers reviews for each item, helping them choose the best size for a particular style based on previous renters’ experiences.

 Several customers reference the exceptional value that Rent the Runway’s now-defunct unlimited plan offered, wishing that it was still an option. While some reviewers have had great experiences with the customer service team, most of the unsatisfactory comments reference poor communication and an inflexible refund policy. And just like Armoire and other clothing rental services, some customers cite low availability for desired styles, limited sizing, and that items occasionally look worn-in.

Pros and Cons



  • Access to full inventory with any plan
  • Variety of clothing suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions
  • Flexible returns; keep items until new shipment arrives
  • Complimentary virtual appointments with a personal stylist
  • Option to add extra items to each shipment for $20 per garment
  • 20 percent off garments you’d like to purchase


  • Base plan only includes four items per month
  • Does not offer accessories
  • One-time rentals are not available

Rent the Runway


  • Contemporary and high-end designer labels with items that have a retail value of up to $3,500
  • Exceptional formal options for special occasions like weddings or black-tie events
  • Flexible returns for monthly subscribers; hold onto garments for as long as your membership remains in good standing
  • Includes accessories such as bags and jewelry
  • Access to members-only sales and discounts on purchases
  • Live chat available


  • Base plan of five items per month only has access to the “core closet” (retail value of up to $350)
  • Does not offer a styling service

More Clothing Rental Services

While Armoire and Rent the Runway may be two of the most popular clothing rental services, there are several options to choose from. When you’re looking for a service that best suits you, take into consideration the aspects that you’d like to prioritize, such as budget, sizing, range of brands, and quality. To help you make a more informed decision, here are a few alternatives to keep in mind.


  • Base Price: $88/month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 00–40W

Nuuly serves as both a clothing rental service and an online resale marketplace. When it comes to Nuuly Rent, the company offers one straightforward plan: For $88 per month, you’ll receive six trendy pieces from brands like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Levi’s. To find your perfect pieces, filter garments by size, occasion, weather, color, and more. If you’d like to keep track of the items that have caught your eye, you can save them to your “closet” for easy access. Subscription benefits include free shipping, dry cleaning, a discount on purchases, and no hidden late or damage fees. 

Vince Unfold

  • Base Price: $160/month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 00–24W

Beloved for its elevated basics, sophisticated designs, and minimalistic aesthetic (save for the occasional punchy print), contemporary label Vince offers fans a way to have constant access to new styles with the brand’s very own clothing rental service, Vince Unfold. You’ll add 10 items to your online closet, and the company will send four of those garments to your doorstep for $160 every month, which also includes free shipping and cleaning. If you would rather select specific styles for a shipment, you can curate your own box for an additional fee. And if there are pieces that you’d like to keep at the end of your rental period, members receive a discount on purchases.


  • Base Price: $89/month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 00–32

For those in search of trendy outfits from brands like Free People, 7 For All Mankind, and For Love & Lemons that also include accessories, FashionPass might be a great fit. The company offers three plans: Socialite (two garments, one accessory) for $89 per month; Trendsetter (three garments, two accessories) for $119 per month; and Wanderlust (4 garments, three accessories) for $149 per month. For the two higher tiers, you’ll have the option to swap out two accessories for an item of clothing, and all memberships include free shipping and dry cleaning.

FashionPass also highly encourages members to purchase the items they love, with 20 to 60 percent discounts on top of monthly coupons that range from $5 to $20, depending on your subscription. Still unsure if FashionPass is for you? Fret not, new members get $60 off their first month, meaning you can test out the company’s base plan for just $29.

Final Thoughts

Clothing rental services often tout trendy garments that’ll keep you looking fresh. But when it comes to finding the company that best suits you, factors like budget, sizing, and personal style can help determine which one is the better option.

For those seeking some help with establishing an aesthetic, Armoire offers A.I.–generated suggestions and virtual consultations with personal stylists. Armoire’s selection of clothing also caters to a variety of lifestyles, ranging from casual attire to dressier options. With Rent the Runway, you’ll find high-fashion garments from designer labels that are also suitable for formal events. Rent the Runway’s memberships also get you more bang for your buck compared to Armoire, and higher tiers offer accessories. Lastly, unlike Armoire, Rent the Runway offers one-time, short-term rentals if you don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription.

  • Are Clothing Rental Services Worth It?

    If you’re someone who wants to be able to constantly refresh their wardrobe, the right clothing rental service can be of great value. While monthly fees can certainly add up over time, the overall cost is typically far less than what you would pay if you were to purchase each item that you received through a rental plan.

  • Can You Buy the Clothes You Receive Through a Clothing Rental Service?

    Most clothing rental services will allow you to purchase the items you’ve received and at a discount to boot. Depending on the company, some will provide greater discounts depending on how worn a garment is, while others will host members-only sales for even better deals. Check with the clothing rental service of your choice to find out what perks are offered for buying rented pieces.

  • Is Clothing Rental Sustainable?

    Renting clothes is frequently touted as being a sustainable alternative to shopping for new clothes. While rewearing clothing and getting the most life out of a garment is better than resorting to fast fashion and only donning a piece once, a 2021 study published in the scientific journal Environmental Research Letters found that clothing rental services can actually be more harmful than purchasing new items due to the negative environmental impacts caused by shipping, packaging, and dry cleaning.

  • Do You Have to Wash Rented Clothes Before Returning Them?

    No. Most clothing rental services will include dry cleaning in the subscription fee since garments are worn by several people and the companies want to ensure that items have been properly cleaned before being sent off to the next customer.

  • How Do You Care for Rented Clothing?

    If you plan on wearing a rented piece multiple times before returning it, check the garment’s fabric care label to find out how to properly launder the item. Otherwise, just be mindful of the clothes as if they were your own. Due to the nature of rental services, most companies expect wear and tear over time and won’t charge you for minor mishaps, but if there’s significant damage, expect to pay up to full retail value for the item.

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