Armani's Beloved Maestro Takes on L'Oreal's Magic Nude Foundation

Finding an amazing drugstore foundation isn’t easy, so when Kristen Stewart’s makeup artist, Beau Nelson, tipped us off to the similarities between L’Oreal’s newest release and the prestige foundation in almost every artist’s kit—Armani’s Maestro Foundation ($62)—we knew we had to investigate.

Armani’s formula goes on like a dream: it’s light and airy with a slippery texture that blends over skin easily and sets quickly. It doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines, instead soaking into skin for a no-makeup look. L’Oreal’s Magic Nude is very similar. It feels identical in your hands, goes on the same way, and provides the same amount of coverage. The finish, however, is where the difference is visible. L’Oreal’s formula has a slightly more powdery look on the skin, while Armani’s boasts a touch of luminosity—not shimmer or dewiness—just a silkier texture.

Both formulas have SPF—15 for Armani and 18 for L’Oreal—but the former’s packaging is much more convenient: the dropper is more sanitary than L’Oreal’s wide-mouth bottle—and it delivers the perfect amount of product every time.

Our verdict? For results this similar we’d forgo the dropper and head to the drugstore for L’Oreal’s Magic Nude Liquid Powder ($13)—with enough money left over for one of our favorite mascaras: Armani’s Eyes To Kill Mascara ($30).