Aritzia Melina Pant Review: These Vegan Leather Pants Are A Wardrobe Staple

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Aritzia Wilfred Melina Pant

Aritzia Melina Pant

Byrdie / Caitlyn Martyn

What We Like
  • Buttery soft material

  • Vegan

  • Array of color options

  • Three lengths

What We Don't Like
  • Tricky to find correct size

  • Non-inclusive size range

If you’re looking for a quality pair of leather pants that looks elevated enough for the office but comfy enough to wear on the weekends, The Melina Pant is it. They’re not skin-tight—so you get that much-desired wiggle room—without being too loose and baggy. They feel buttery soft to the touch, making them the epitome of high-quality, modern luxury.


Aritzia Wilfred Melina Pant

Aritzia Melina Pant

Byrdie / Caitlyn Martyn

In This Article

Our writer was given the Aritzia Melina Pant to put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

If you scroll through Instagram, TikTok, or even Pinterest, chances are you’ll see at least one person wearing Aritzia’s The Melina Pant. Made from vegan leather, the high-waisted pants have been selling out the last few years—for pretty good reason. For one, they’re available in a ton of colors, ranging from the expected blacks, browns, beiges, and tans, to bolder hues like “vital pink” and “aventurine green.” And, no matter the month or the season, people are wearing these pants because of how simple, stylish, and comfortable they are. I’d put off jumping on the bandwagon for a while, especially since I struggle with pant sizing. But, when fall came around again and I found my closet looking a little barren, I knew I had to put the pants to the test.

Read on for my honest review.

Aritzia Melina Pant

Cruelty-Free?: Yes

Price: $148

About the Brand: Aritzia is a Canadian design house that offers pieces made for everyday luxury. Each with its own distinct aesthetic, in-house brands like Wilfred, Babaton, and Tna garner a cult following that makes Aritzia the destination for quality pieces, including coats, trousers, jeans, knits, athleisure, and layering essentials.

The Fit: It varies, especially if you’re curvy

I have a small frame and slim tummy, but wider hips and a bigger butt, so pants are really hard for me. Pants that hug my sides and tush properly (without too much squeezing) are usually too big on my waist. Sure, I can get pants altered, but I hate going shopping with the mindset that pretty much nothing will fit right and I’ll have to take an additional trip to avoid looking disheveled. 

I’m not going to lie, finding the right size in The Melina Pant took a few tries.

Initially, I ordered the original pants and the cropped version, hoping one of the two would work. The first pair I tried (a size 4, cropped), was way too short on me, even though I’m 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer a cropped look over a bunch-at-the-ankles look, but my roommate and I could not stop laughing about how I looked like a toddler who had grown out of her pants. It didn’t help that they were too big at the waist, either. 

The second pair I tried (a size 4, regular) fit my butt and hips pretty well, except I still had a ton of extra material bunched around my tummy area despite the fact that I’m normally a size 4. The pants were also really long—too long in my opinion. I figured I could get it taken in and hemmed, but I was determined to find a pair that didn’t require so much nipping and tucking. I was disappointed when I sent them back, but I was hopeful that the “regular” style in a short length and a smaller size would do the trick. And, thankfully, a size 2, short length of the regular Melina Pant fit just right. 

It could very well be a me issue, but several friends have expressed that they, too, struggled with The Melina Pant sizing. My best advice is to try them on in the store—you’ll avoid a lot of back and forth to the post office. It also doesn’t hurt to read reviews and check out a sizing chart instead of deferring to your normal size. 

The Feel: Buttery smooth

Sizing issues aside, the material is truly one of a kind. I’ve tried my fair share of leather pants over the years, and there’s no competition here: The Melina Pant is the leader. They’re buttery smooth, feel softer than normal leather, and offer a creamy juxtaposition to textured sweaters and blazers. The lining (aka the part that actually touches your skin) is polyester, so it’s not as buttery smooth on the inside, but still incredibly comfortable. 

The Value: They live up to the hype

These pants genuinely live up to the hype. It took some trial and error to find the right fit, but as the saying goes, the best things in life are worth waiting for. Between the smooth-to-the-touch vegan leather, the sleek aesthetic, and comfortable feel, The Melina Pant stands out against other options. Though these might be an investment for some (the market ranges from $40 to well over $500), they’re well worth the money for the quality. The multiple styling options will add versatility to your wardrobe. 

Final Verdict

You won’t regret buying The Melina Pant from Aritzia’s Wilfred. It may require some time and effort (read: sizing isn’t the easiest), but the value these high-quality vegan leather pants offer to your wardrobe is unmatched.


  • Product Name Wilfred Melina Pant
  • Product Brand Aritzia
  • Price $148.00
  • Material Vegan leather (100% polyurethane with a 100% polyester interior)
  • Size Range 00 - 16; Short, Regular, and Tall
  • Color Range 27 options

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